Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tuesday Aug. 23. 1864

Nancy in to see Mrs. Dawes or to inquire after her.  I think this practice in town is carried too far--it becomes a nuisance which needs abatement.  Unless a family is so situated as to have one person at leisure to attend upon callers, the sick may suffer for attention, while their polite inquiries are being answered.  Dr. Hart was in twice to see Mrs. Dawes        he thinks she is better.  Her right foot & leg to the knee is swollen as tight as the skin can hold--it is erysipelas.

Peggy's note:
Erysipelas is an infection in the skin caused by bacteria.  It most commonly affects the foot and today is treated with antibiotics.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Monday Aug. 22 1874

Ephraim came down on the morning train for me to go up and see his mother who is seriously sick. I went up on the three o’clock train I found Sarah quite sick.  I think she scarcely expects to recover, but I trust she will do so.  She made her will today and it was committed to my custody.

Sarah Cutler Dawes
Sister to Julia Cutler and the mother
of Rufus, Ephraim, Kate, Lucy, & Jane Dawes

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Friday Aug. 19 1864

Lucy had to go home as her mother is not well.  The others spent the day here -- taking tea at Mr. Burgess’s.  Rainy day.  Joseph D. Clark who was killed at City Point was buried yesterday in Marietta.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Thursday Aug. 18 1864

Very smokey.  There is quite a rise in the river.  Two Steamers went down, designed for military service with their boilers protected.  William and Ephe went to town.  J. P. Walton arrived at Mrs. Dawes’ last night from Illinois--he is to enter the preparatory department at Marietta College.  Female prayer meeting here, Mrs. Joel Deming attended.  Col. Dawes & wife, Major Dawes & Lucy came on the night train.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wednesday Aug. 17. 1864

Rufus passed up on the morning train on his way home.  We are glad his fighting days are over, he has done his duty faithfully and well.  
While William was riding over his farm today he heard at Widow Skiptons crying & lamentation, he heard that William Skipton was dead--but afterwards learned he was wounded, and would lose his left arm.  Dr. Hart came and vaccinated Mrs. Cutler & Sarah, Nancy & I.  Cloudy day.

Ephraim came on the night train, bringing with in a 53d man, John Sturling, he was wounded in the shoulder at Atlanta Georgia.  Wesley dressed his wound for him & we gave him supper and his bed.

Peggy's comment:
I am struck by the way death and injury have become commonplace.  Julia, and everyone else, must have been quite war weary.