Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept 1. 1864 Thursday

This morning William and his wife & daughter with Maggie J. Voris and Lizzie Poage started on the morning train to Cincinnati.  Lizzie Poage is going to go to school at the Female College at College Hill.   A lonely day at home.  Emeline McClure was here to prayer meeting.  George Cutter came to spend the night.  The Chicago Democratic Convention have nominated Gen. George B. McClellan for President and George Pendleton for Vice President of the United States.  There was a strong party there in favor of Valandingham for President and not much harmony in the happy family of democrats.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wednesday Aug. 31. 1864

Mrs. Cutler & little Sarah at Mrs. Burgesses to dinner.  Mrs. Cutler came home leaving Sarah at her Grandmothers.  We went to Mrs. Demings to circle.  The Society sewed on Mrs. Demings materials for which she gave them $5.00.  A cool pleasant day.  Thomas Bailey had a melon party in the evening to which we were not invited.  Russel Norton was here today -- his son in law William Skipton has lost his arm in the service and is now in hospital at the South.  He has not received his pay for some months and his family at home are sick.  He writes to them to go to Mr. Cutler and get what they need.  I know of no greater compliment to a man than to see even political opponents instinctively turn to them in time of trouble.  We sent them tea, rice, and sugar.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tuesday. Aug. 30. 1864

A large number of horses belonging to Government have been pastured on the Island near here for a month past.  Today some men came and took them away.  They swam them across, to the Ohio side, the current was strong, the river having risen several feet and four of the horses were drowned.
We have the news of the taking of Fort Morgan in Mobile harbor, by Farraguts fleet.  Said to be a brilliant achievement.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Monday Aug. 29 1864

The last of our Logan Grapes gathered to-day.  They are the earliest grape we have, and are very good.  Mrs. Cutler & Sarah went to town -- got me a plain black calico dress which cost about four dollars, it used to cost about $1.50.     Col. R. R. Dawes was here to dinner.  He expects to go into the sheep business with his uncle William, but starts tomorrow to Washington to settle up his military accounts with Government ----    Little Jennie Stone, Mrs. Giles’ niece came down & spent the night with Sarah.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Saturday Aug 27, 1864

James P. Carlin went home on the morning train.  David Irwin who used to live with us, was here to dinner to-day.  He is on his way home from California whither he went in 1854.  He appears to be an intelligent, steady, loyal man.  Nancy Carlin went home to attend Quarterly Meeting at the Methodist Church in Barlow of which she is a member.  James P. Walton returned to town.
The Copperheads in many places threaten to resist the draft.  In Dunham township which adjoins this they have their midnight meetings and say that they will neither serve if drafted or furnish substitutes--These are the kind of men who hide behind trees & rocks to shoot their victims but never come out in fair fight.  David B. Colder, Sylvester Ellenwood & his sons, and Jasper Needham are the leading and noisiest of the Dunham copperheads.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Friday Aug. 26, 1864

The Col. & Mrs. Dawes went home on this morning’s train.  Nancy’s brother James P. Carlin here to supper and to stay all night.  Mrs. Joel Deming called here today.  James P. Walton came on the evening train -- he is sister Clara’s oldest son.  I think it is about seven years since he went to Illinois with his parents he is now near seventeen years old, not tall, but a bright looking boy.

Peggy's comment:
James P. Walton, Julia's nephew, would be educated at Marietta College and become a civil engineer.