Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wednesday March 1”. 1865

Nancy’ s arm is sore from vaccination and she could not wash.  We sent to Mrs Terril    came and washed to day -- The weather is delightful           mrs. Cutler returned from Marietta -- She had five teeth extracted and feels exhausted, but free from pain.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 28. 1865.

A beautiful day -- Lucy started to Cincinnati and Lizzie went to town with her sister.  She suffered very much all night with the toothache.  She expects to stay at Mrs. Dawes’ till tomorrow.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Monday Feb. 27. 1865.

William left home this morning expecting to be away all the week at Chillicothe and Cincinnati.  The management of the M. & C. Railroad devolves mainly upon him  -- the Company re-elected him Vice President last week and gave him also the General Superintendence of the road he is to have $10,000 per year salary--
Lucy went home this morning but returned in the evening prepared to Start in the morning to Cincinnati to get a carpet, curtains, &c. for their parlor.  Nancy came home to day & her brother with her.  He went to town on the Afternoon train but came back and spent the night here --  Lucy Bailey began to-day to recite with Sarah--

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sabbath. Feb. 26. 1865

After breakfast Mr. Hopkins went to Mr. Burgess’s -- I went to Sabbath School & church.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saturday Feb. 25 1865

Lucy came on the accommodation this forenoon & will remain till Monday.  This morning about four o’clock, William was called up by Mr. Frost who had come on an extra train for him to go to Athens where there was trouble apprehended on the Railroad.  It seems that some women had objected to having the road pass over a few acres which they owned unless the Company would give them $50,000.  They had been at law about it for years, and refused to touch the money which had been awarded to them & had been awaiting their acceptance for years.  They had now got a decree from some Buckeye Judge -- under which they proposed to tear up the track.  They had given notice that they should do so last night, but the Railroad Company had prepared themselves for this contingency by referring the matter to General Hooker now in command of this Department who at once said the road was a military necessity and must not be obstructed.  William and Mr. Frost went out on an extra, taking Levi Barber, the Provost Marshal with them.  When they came to the scene of operations they found rails &c piled up on the road & two of the discontented females standing on the track with red flags in their hands which they waved vigorously upon their approach.  Barber told them he had Gen. Hooker’s order to prevent the obstruction of his road, but it was as if one talked to the wind, they would not hear to reason and when the passenger train made its appearance, Mrs. Brown planted herself on the track with the National Flag wrapped around her (which she had single handed captured from some twenty Copperheads in Valandingham times) and with a red flag in either hand she stood prepared to dispute their passage exclaiming that she was not the first person who had died for freedom.  She stood her ground and when the train stopped the cow catcher almost touched her.  It happened that one of the cars thus stopped was filled with recruits who upon seeing her singular costume began to gather about her singing “We’ll rally round the flag boys” -- Charlie Wood seized a rail to remove it, but she clung to the other end -- altogether it was a very ludicrous scene -- Soon after these indignant females were reinforced by three other warlike damsels (sisters to the first party) who came down to participate in the melee.  William said he walked along the track with one on either side both talking at once a perfect torrent of argument and invective and he should as soon hope to have made himself heard in the midst of a West India hurricane as to get a word in there.  They denounced the Railroad and its officers, and “the little switched off town of Marietta, that pretended to have 5000 inhabitants and had not half the number” &c --After the passenger train had passed they again piled up the rails and [unreadable] on the railroad, when Mr. Barber told them that he had orders to keep the road open, and if they persisted in obstructing it he should be obliged to arrest and imprison them which they dared him to do--
Gen. Hooker was appealed to by telegraph who immediately ordered up a detachment of soldiers from Cincinnati to protect the road --  Finally all the five rioters (who are daughters of the late Judge Currier) unboarded with the exception of Mrs Brown who was defiant to the last --

William came home very tired about midnight, bringing Archie Hopkins (who is a distant cousin of Lizzie’s) home with him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Friday. Feb. 24. 1865

Put the house in order as usual, heard Sarah’s lessons.  Read the Gazzette to Mr. Burgess who was in a most uncomfortable State of mind.  Scolded because people would use the word “demoralize” in a way which he thinks is very improper -- and considers this a proof of the infidelity of the times.  He said “he hoped Sherman’s army would be destroyed and every other army that was in favor of graven images, and establishing infidelity” -- I told him I had not a doubt there were many men in Shermans army who were as good Christians as Mr. Burgess was” -- He said “more than half this nation wanted to destroy the Christian religion, and set up infidelity”    I said “I hoped not, but our Savior said not every one that saith Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom”  “Well” said he “I will never worship in your Free Masons Hall, where every member of the church is in favor of secret Societies” --  Now in truth there is not a member of our Church who is a free-mason -- and I cannot but think that Mr. Burgess is deranged when he talks thus.  I replied “we must not accuse the brethren” --
After Mr. Burgess went away, Mrs. Blackinton & Alice came to spend the day, we sent up for Mrs. W. D. Bailey to come to dinner which she did.  Nancy is going home this afternoon to see a cousin who has just arrived -- she has extra work to do, so I had to help get dinner.  William came home from Chillicothe tired enough -- Martha came home from G. W. Bailey’s this evening.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Thursday Feb. 23 1865

Nancy has gone up to help Eliza at Mr. Burgesses to day.  So the kitchen claims my attention to the exclusion of other matters.