Friday, October 31, 2014

Monday Oct. 31. 1864

Washing day, and I have the dinner to get.  William went to Marietta on oil business.
I see by Saturdays paper that Major E. C. Dawes has been discharged honorably from the service on account of his wounds.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunday Oct. 30. 1864

A quiet Sabbath.  We all went to meeting.  Mr. Curtis preached a good sermon.  I heard Wesley read for an hour this evening.  He is very studious, and can read tolerably, his perseverance is wonderful.  It ought to shame those who call these colored men “baboons & monkeys”--

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Saturday Oct. 29 1864

William, Rufus, Mary, & Lucy went to town.  The Colonel left his pocket-book, which he needed to take with him to Treble County next Monday, where he is “operating in oil” that is taking leases of oil territory.  Henry McClure is going out with him.       Mrs. Dawes came down on the eleven o’clock train to get the pocket-book & went up on the afternoon train.
Mr. Bowhan finished putting in our fire fronts with a patent flue.

Mrs. Terril here cleaning the bedroom & parlor.  I went up to call on Mrs. Burgess. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friday Oct. 28. 1864

It rained very hard last night with thunder & lightning and to day it has turned cold.  I gathered most of the catawba grapes.  Mr. Burgess was here to breakfast.  Mr. Boothby & Mr. Wynn who are making a cider-mill were here to dinner.  Also Mr. Bowhan who is setting the grates in the parlor & bedroom.  He charged $20.00.
We watched the steamboats all day expecting Mrs. Cutler & Sarah, but night came without bringing them, we looked for William home from Chillicothe on the evening train, which comes about eight o’clock, we found there were some persons with him first Col. Dawes & his wife then Lucy and next to our great surprise and joy Mrs. Cutler & Sarah--

Lucy brought a letter from Kate, Mr. McLean is very sick & I fear she will not be able to endure all her cares --

Peggy's comment:
Kate Dawes McLean, Julia's niece, had married in February of 1864.  She had  step-children to care for, and now, she was apparently caring for a sick husband. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thursday Oct 27 1864

Clara’s birthday may she have many happy returns of it.  Mrs. Dawes & Martha Colville went to Marietta.  Rainey.  Mr. N. L. Wilson telegraphed yesterday to William to go out on an extra train with him to-day.  He is coming home from New York City to Chillicothe to cast his vote for President & wants to talk over business matters.  The train came about ten o’clock A.M. and William started with his carpet sack full of Coopers apples & some Catawba grapes--
Maggie came down this afternoon, & Mr. Burgess was here this morning before light to see if Mrs. Burgess had come.  They expected to start home Tuesday.

Peggy's note:
Clara is Clara Cutler Walton, Julia's sister.  She lived in Pana, Illinois, and on this day, she was 48.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wednesday Oct. 26. 1864

Miss O’Harra brought me a clump of Daisies which I have put in a pot to keep in the pit.  I expected Lucy tonight -- she did not come but her mother did.  Martha has finished altering my black silk dress -- all but the trimming which I have not got yet.  We are expecting Mrs. Cutler & Sarah every boat.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tuesday Oct. 25. 1864

William went to town    Mrs. Dawes & Mr. Bowhan came home with him.  Mrs. Dawes had a very pleasant trip to Cincinnati   visited Cousin Mason D. Parker.  He took her round the City -- the trip has done her a great deal of good.  --  Mr. Bowhan is going to set up grates and firefronts in the parlor & bedroom he will do it Friday.  Mrs. Dawes went home on the afternoon train.
Mrs. McClure called & took the “Bible Depository” bibles & testaments to Emeline who is the “New Treasurer” --