Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saturday April 1st 1865

Annie McLean & Sara were made very merry by Nancy who sent John on a fools errand, with a big bucket to get loaf sugar of Mrs Bailey — Nettie Bailey & Anna McLean took a horse back ride as far as Mrs Greenwoods — Kate back from town today — Anna rode Mrs. Cutler’s new black riding horse which goes as easy as a cradle —

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Friday March 31. 1865

Rainey morning but pleasant in the afternoon.  Kate & Lucy went to town on the P. M. train.  This is Nancy Carlins birthday I gave her a silver butter knife —
Maggie Voris here & took Sarah & Annie McLean up to the meeting-house —

Monday, March 30, 2015

Thursday March 30. 1865

Emeline went away after breakfast.  Lucy Dawes came on the accommodation train.  Very hard rain in the afternoon.  Hattie Bailey got very wet coming from the train the wind blew her hat off — We were all invited to W. D. Baileys to tea — and between showers Kate, Lucy, Anna McLean, Sarah & Hattie Bailey & I went up —  Mrs Bailey had a very nice supper, four kinds of cake.  She had invited several to meet Kate but the rain kept them away — We had a very pleasant visit —

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wednesday March 29 1865

We had company from town invited to dinner, the train was late nearly twelve before they got here.  Mrs. Giles from Harmar, Mrs. Graves, Mrs Stone and her two little girls & Mrs. S. C. Dawes from Marietta, Mrs. Burgess and Mrs W. D. Bailey & Mrs McClure & Emeline were here — We had roasted chickens, mashed potatoes, turnips, beans, Applesauce, jelly, pickles, cherry pie & custard pie & canned strawberries &c — for dinner.  A pleasant time —  Emeline spent the night here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tuesday March 28. 1865

Kate, Miss Anna McLean, Mrs Cutler Sarah & I went to Mrs. Burgess’s to dinner.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Monday March 27 1865

Kate and Mr. McLean’s daughter Anna came on the 11 o’clock train —  Little Sarah has been so anxious to see Kate that she counted the hours till her arrival —  This afternoon Mr. Burgess, Mrs W. D. Bailey & Maggie called.

Peggy's note:
Kate Dawes McLean is Julia's niece and the daughter of Sarah Cutler Dawes.  She had lived at the Old Stone House with the Cutler family for many years but married Rev. Samuel McLean in February, 1864 and moved to West Alexander, Pennsylvania.  He was a widower with several children.  It seems that Kate spent much of her time caring for her husband and his children who were often ill.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sabbath March. 26. 1865

Martha went to sabbath school with Sarah, I was not able to go — am suffering with rheumatism in my left shoulder, arm, and side, it has troubled me several weeks, but is more painful than usual lately, keeping me awake at night —
William has arranged to have a car come up every sabbath after noon to accommodate the railroad people who are too far from the Belpre Church to go there, or can more conveniently come here under this arrangement.  It is also a great convenience to Mr. Curtis now that the bridges are gone — Some ten or a dozen come with him.

Nancy came back this evening.