Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sabbath, July 24 1864

Eleven years ago today, dear little Annie was born -- it was sabbath, and the day upon which father’s funeral sermon was preached by Prof. E. B. Andrews--
I went to sabbath school to-day, then came home & staid with little Sarah who is sick with hives, while the others went to meeting.  Kate went to meeting her to-day.

Peggy's comment:
Dear little Annie was Julia's niece, Annie Cutler, daughter of William and Lizzie Cutler.  She died January 11, 1864.  Annie was born on the day of the funeral of Julia's father, Ephraim Cutler.  
Sarah and Annie Cutler

Ephraim Cutler

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saturday, July 23. 1864

Kate went to town and returned on the 11 o’clock train & Ephe and Lucy went up on the afternoon train to stay until Monday.
Rufus who has served three years and three months in the army most faithfully and now wishes to retire from the service, finds every obstacle thrown in his way.  They want him to stay on.

Fred. J. Cutter who lived several years with us but has been lately going to school in Cincinnati came to see us.  He expects to enter Marietta College this fall and brother William is going to assist him.

Peggy's note:
Rufus Dawes, Julia's nephew, volunteered to serve with the Sixth Wisconsin for three years.  Now that his time was up, he very much wanted to return home to Marietta to his new wife, Mary.  But the Union army was short of experienced officers and was endeavoring to persuade him to continue to serve.  They promoted him to Colonel and promised him a well-manned regiment. . . .and slowed the paperwork for mustering out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friday, July 22. 1864

Very smokey weather -- don’t know where the smoke comes from.  It is so cold that we had fire made in our sitting room, and made additions to our clothing.  Nancy went over home this afternoon.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thursday, July 21, 1864

I went with little Sarah blackberrying -- we took the signal glass, but found the atmosphere too smokey for looking abroad.  Kate, Lucy, Ephe & little Sarah took dinner at Mr. Burgess.  Sarah was so much beaten with her walks that she has broken our with hives.  
Prayer meeting here.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey & Emeline were here.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tuesday, July 19. 1864

I think today has been hotter than yesterday.  Miss Betsey Bailey & Mrs. Dickey called.  
Lucy and Ephe came on the evening train.  He has had two or three bones extracted by the doctor which was a painful operation.  I am constantly wondering at Ephe’s patience and fortitude, he endures suffering and privation as very few could do.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Monday, July 18, 1864

Mr. Marshall, Hanna Carlin, & George Cutter, went away this morning on the train.  We are now busy haying.  Have about a dozen hands at work.  They use a mowing machine & horserake, but several men are cutting down the grass with scythes.  Nancy is washing & I got dinner.  The day has been very hot, the thermometer at 112 & at 92 in the shade.  Kate & Sarah came home on the evening train.