Friday, February 28, 2014

Monday, Feb. 29, 1864

Being leap year, February has an extra day.  Ground & trees covered with snow.  Lucy went home.  Rosa did not come this morning.  Mrs. Terril came & did the washing.
William says that last Saturday a Mr. McMurdy met him on the cars.  He is an Episcopal clergyman, intelligent, anti-slavery, and a Kentuckian whom he met in Washington.  He has been to Louisville to attend the “Border States” Convention and is wire-working for Chase.  He was anxious to get William’s views and was told that the masses were for “Old Abe”, let Senators & Representatives maneuver as they may.
There has been some-one in all day doing business, among them were Mr. Quimley, Mr. Seffins, Mr. Chalp, Mr. W. D. McCobace, Mr. Francey, Mr. G. W. Bailey, Mr. W. D. Bailey, Mr. B. C. Bailey.
Malachi Cole died to-day -- as he had lived, without God & without hope in his death.

Peggy’s comments:
Lincoln was up for reelection in 1864 and the political jockeying had begun.  Those who wished for a change were testing the waters for prospective candidates.  Advocates for Salmon Chase, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, were trying to discover how much support he might have as a candidate. 

Julia does not show much sympathy for Malachi Cole's passing.  In an early journal, she had listed members of the Cole family as "traitors".

Sabbath, Feb. 28, 1864

I had a severe attack of palpitation of the heart, my cough has produced soreness of the chest, and I feel miserably.  Lucy has been applying remedies, & I hope soon to be better.  A cloudy day.  Only William, Lucy & John & George went to meeting where Mr. Wakefield filled the pulpit having exchanged with Mr. Curtis.  A rainy evening.  William went to church.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 27, 1864

Ephraim & Lucy came on the morning train, he came to say good-bye being on his way to join his regiment which is to rendevous at Camp Dennison & then go to the front again.  He is a good officer & a fine looking young man -- very popular.  He is going into danger, and to the merciful care of our Heavenly father we commit him, may he be preserved from wounds, imprisonment, and death  -- & through the blessed Spirit be led to a saving knowledge of the truth.  
Lucy spends the day here.

Peggy's comments:
Veterans of the 53rd Ohio, including Julia's nephew, Ephraim Cutler Dawes, were on furlough but would be joining General Sherman in May 1864.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Friday, Feb. 26, 1864

Rosa went to town on horseback.  Mr. Curtis was her to tea and Mrs. Cutter, Rosa, & John went to evening meeting.  I wrote to Kate in answer to a letter received to-day.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 25, 1864

We hear to-day that Lewis Cutter who was arraigned for killing Kaufman in Watertown has been acquitted.  I am glad, as I have no doubt from Lewis’ excellent character that he simply defended himself from assault.  He will now go into the army having enlisted in the 77th.
Mrs. Cutler has received by express from Dr. D. Lewis of Boston a Spirometer dumb-bell clubs &c with directions.  She has been exercising with them today for the first time.

Peggy's comments:  Dr. D. Lewis was an early advocate of physical exercise.  Here is an ad for the Spriometer, which was designed to enlarge and invigorate the respiratory apparatus”. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1864

Mr. Burgess came down this morning and told us that Mr. John Newton who spent last night at his house told him that Rufus & his wife had arrived at Marietta.  He is unable to use his foot but goes about on crutches.
Mrs. Terril here washing.  The sickness on [unreadable] continued last week.  Amos Delano, Alden Ellenwood, Alphonso Smith and Phebe Morrison died, and several others are not expected to recover.  It is said to be a malignant kind of typhoid fever.

Mrs. Dawes came down on evening train & will spend the night.  She is much occupied just now in collecting and arranging the Cutler family papers with a view to having them printed.

Peggy's comments:
Mrs. Dawes is Sarah Cutler Dawes, Julia's older sister.  They were two of the children of Ephraim Cutler who died in 1853 and it may have been his papers that Sarah was collecting.  The inscription on his tombstone describes some of his accomplishments:

Manasseh Cutler was Ephraim Cutler's father (and grandfather of Julia, William and Sarah Cutler).  Some of his accomplishments include the following:
Pastor in Ipswich, MA, Sept. 11, 1771
Ordained 1773, Boston South Church
Supporter of the Revolution
Chaplain for the Revolution
1778-studied medicine as it was difficult for the people to pay his salary as pastor.
Inoculated people against small pox
1782-started a private boarding school
Met at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern to discuss formation of Articles of Association  of Ohio
Elected one of three directors of the Association
His task was to go to Congress to make a purchase of land
Went to NY June  24, 1787
Went the following October to conclude the contract
Raised money, purchased equipment
August 1788--went to Ohio and was much pleased
Massachusetts court--1800
Member of Congress  1801-1805

Sarah may have begun to collect and organize their papers but it was Julia who wrote and published their biographies:
Manasseh Cutler, Life Journals and Correspondence, Two Volumes by William P. Cutler and Julia P. Cutler, 1888 
Ephraim Cutler by Julia P. Cutler, 1890

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1864

Mrs. Joel Deming called and spoke very kindly about Kate.  She said as every body else does “we cannot do without her.”  Mrs. W. D. Bailey called, there is a female prayer meeting at her house this afternoon.  I am so hoarse & so unwell, I cannot go, but Lizzie & little Sarah have gone.
Mrs. McClure & Emeline were here to tea -- Mrs. McClure said she was never so surprised in her life as when she heard of Kate’s marriage.  She thinks she will make an excellent minister’s wife & will succeed if any body can.  John & Rosa went to evening meeting.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Monday, Feb. 22, 1864

Heard cannon at Parkersburg & bethought ourselves that this is Washington’s birthday -- William went to town and heard that Kate got safely to Columbus -- she probably reached West Alexandria Saturday night.  May the favor of God rest upon her in her new home.  They have also heard that Rufus has received an injury from the fall of his horse upon his foot.  He is in Milwaukee with his regiment who have re-enlisted as veterans.

Peggy's comments:
When the men in the Sixth Wisconsin re-enlisted, they were granted 30 days leave.  Rufus had returned to Marietta to marry Mary Gates and together they went to Milwaukee to spend time together before his leave was up.  The injured foot caused by a fall from his horse was to prevent him from returning to his regiment for about a month.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sabbath, Feb. 21, 1864

I had a bad night with my throat & cough and feel miserably.  The rest of the family went to meeting.  Mr. Curtis also preached in the evening, all went but little Sarah & I.  There is a good deal of feeling in the community and quite a number attend inquire meeting.  May God in his great Mercy bring them to a saving knowledge of the truth.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 20, 1864

Annie Dean started home by the cars this morning and Nancy Carlin also to take care of her brother James whose wound continues very troublesome.  I fear he will never be well.  Rosa Roberts came to help us while Nancy is away -- but it seems that the 36th have re-enlisted and are on their way home -- her husband will claim her when he gets here I suppose & we must get other help, or do without.  Mrs. Dawes came on evening train & will spend the sabbath.  A war has commenced in Europe & a battle occurred in which the Danes repulsed the Germans.

Peggy's comments:
More information about the Danish/Prussian War of 1864 here and here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Friday, Feb. 19, 1864

Annie Dean came from town on the morning train.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey sent an invitation for us all to come & take tea with her.  I did not feel able to go but Lizzie, Annie Dean, & Sarah went and had a pleasant time.  Mrs. Betsey Bailey, Mrs. A. S. Bailey and Mr. & Mr. G. W. Bailey were there.  Nancy went to meeting.  She has quite recovered from yesterday’s illness.  William came home on the cars from Chillicothe.
Sent a box of books on the train to Col. Jones of the 53d O.V.I.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 18, 1864

Mr. & Mrs. McLean have gone this morning by way of Loveland & Columbus to Wheeling.  The thermometer was six below zero.  Lucy & Annie Dean went to town going as far as Scott’s Landing with them.  The revulsion after the weeks excitement is very noticeable.  John betakes himself to blue pills & his bed, Nancy is scarcely able to be about and patronizes Jayns pills and towards night also succumbs and goes to bed.  Lizzie does not feel very well, & I had a hard chill last night with decided symptoms of diphtheria.  Lizzie & I manage to get supper and all go early to bed.  No meeting to night.  I spent most of the forenoon with Mrs. W. D. Bailey & had a good talk.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1864

The house was early astir to get breakfast in time for the Wheeling boat but it passed before light -- and Mr. & Mrs. McLean spend the day here.  Mr. Curtis, Mrs. W. D. Bailey, Mr. Burgess called.
William went to Chillicothe, Mrs. Dawes, Major Dawes, & Miss Mary A. Nye returned to Marietta also Sarah Parker who spent last night at Mr. Burgess’s.
The day has been very cold the ice in the river is broadening and thickening and no boats are passing.  After supper Mr. & Mrs. McLean decided to go by Grafton.  Their baggage was conveyed to the Station & they went up to take the cars to Parkersburg.  Annie Dean & Lucy went to the station with them, a fire was built & after two hours waiting, with the thermometer at zero, the train came & took them down.  
Mr. Curtis came and staid all night.  

Arrived at Belpre, Mr. McLean found that the ferry boat could not cross on account of the ice, so they were obliged to come back on the train.  Kate was very much chilled & we fear very much the effect of so much exposure on her health.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1864

This is Kate’s wedding day.  There was a slight fall of snow last night & the weather has turned cold, but the sun shines pleasantly.  Miss Mary C. Nye came on the morning train.  Mr. McLean dines at Mr. Burgess’s.  The hour for the ceremony was six o’clock P. M.  Kate wore a brown silk very handsomely trimmed, a real lace collar with no ornament on her head but her own natural curls.  Rev. C. D. Curtis performed the ceremony.  Those present were Mr. & Mrs. Burgess, Maggie Voris, Lizzie Poage, Mary C. Nye, Sarah Parker, Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Bailey, Annette Bailey, Emeline McClure, Annie L. Dean and our own family consisting of Mrs. Dawes, Lucy Dawes, Major E. C. Dawes, Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Cutler, little Sarah, Nancy Carlin & John Kuntz and myself.  Every thing passed off very pleasantly.  Kate looked better than I ever saw her.  The supper was served early, the guests sitting around the table which was beautifully arranged by Lucy who has made the supper her speciality.  It consisted of scalloped oysters, cold chicken, biscuits & butter, jelly pickles, custard in glasses, rich fruit cake, jelly cake, pound cake, and brides cake, and two silver cake baskets filled with black and white cake and fine canned peaches.  The table looked beautifully, the glass & silver of which there was much on the table looked well by lamp light and the ornamentation of the cake with grapes & grape leaves made with frosting was particularly complimented.  William gave Kate a $500 1st Mortgage Railroad Bond, for a wedding present.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Monday, Feb. 15, 1864

A busy day, finishing our preparations for Kate’s wedding which comes off tomorrow.  Lucy making & icing cake, Nancy washing, Kate making Mrs. Cutler a new merino dress to wear on the occasion.  I helping about the housework and putting the chambers in order.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey, & Mrs. Burgess called.  Mrs. Dawes & Major Dawes came on the evening train and Rev. S. A. McLean on the Wheeling Packet. Wm went to meeting & heard the Rev. Mr. Stewart of Barlow.  Nancy went home to see her brother who has just got back from Chattanooga, wounded.  She will be back tomorrow.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sabbath, Feb. 14, 1864

We all went to church except Kate, who has symptoms of quinsey.
Mr. Curtis proposes to hold meetings every evening this week.  We attended meeting this evening.

Peggy’s notes:  quinsey was tonsillitis

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 13, 1864

Ephe came down on freight train and went to Mr. Burgess’s to dinner with Kate, Lucy & Annie Dean -- & went back to town on an engine about the middle of the afternoon.
William took Mrs. Cutler & Sarah out riding.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friday, Feb. 12, 1864

William went to town on train and Mr. Peacock also left after breakfast.  Major Dawes & Sargent-Major Moore took diner here after which John took them to Harmar in the buggy.  Mrs. A. S. Bailey called.  Annie Dean came this evening

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 11, 1864

We are having pleasant sunny days now though the wind is rather cold.  Kate took dinner at Mrs. McClure’s and called at Mr. Briggs’.  Mr. Jewell put up a door bell for us this afternoon for $5.  Maggie called & Mr. Burgess came as he does every day for the Gazette.
On the train this evening Lucy, Ephraim & his Sargeant-Major John Moore, & a Mr. Peacock, President of some projected Railroad, came and spent the night.

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1864

Kate went to A. S. Baileys where she took dinner and called on Miss Betsey Bailey, Mrs. G. W. Bailey, & Mrs. Charles Dickey.  William came home to night, we expected Annie Dean with him but she did not come.  Today Mr. Wilson went to Belpre on an extra train, & stopped to see William, who was absent.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 1864

Kate mounted “Dan” our little black horse, and proceeded to make some farewell calls.  She took dinner with Mrs. Greenwood, called on Mrs. Blackinton, Mrs. Hart, where she met Mrs. Joel Deming, and at B. C. Baileys.  None but Mrs. Greenwood knew that she is soon to go away.   Lucy has been making the fruit cake today.  William went out to Big Run & Amesville.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Monday, Feb. 8th, 1864

Maggie called.  William went to Marietta to meet Mr. Wilson who is going to New york.  Lucy came home with him.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sabbath, Feb. 7th, 1864

Mr. Curtis preached.  He has been having a very interesting season in Belpre.  About 20 adults have expressed a hope in Christ, also a number of Sabbath School  children.  He thinks if the way opens he shall have meetings here.  May God prepare this church for a blessing.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 6, 1864

Ephraim spent the day here.  His Regiment are now in Ohio having all (except a few undesirable ones) reinlisted.  William went to town and then walked home -- an accident occurred to a freight train near Vincent’s -- a discharged soldier from Leadville Pa. was killed.  Ephe returned to town this evening.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Friday, Feb. 5" 1864

We have been busy all day cutting out & making bedding for a boarding house for hands who are cutting wood for William, under the supervision of A. S. Bailey in Barlow.  Maggie called.  Ephe came on the evening train which was very late 11 o’clock P. M.  Wrote to Annie L. Dean.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 4, 1864

Kate & Lucy went to town this morning.  Mr. Washburn the engineer who was so badly scalded when the engine “Jonathan Niles” was thrown from the track near this station last December, was on the train, he has nearly recovered from his injuries.  There is a rumor that a large body of rebels captured Gen. Scammel & staff and a Steamboat on the Kanahawa, they burned his boat & were last accounted approaching the Ohio river, having arrived at a point 25 miles from Gallipolis. 
Lizzie & little Sarah got home just before night & in time to escape a shower.   William came on the train with Kate, for whom he brought a nice large traveling trunk.

Ephe got home to Marietta last night nearly sick.  He met his regiment at Stevenson Sta. just embarked for home and jumped on to the cars & returned without having any time to rest. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1864

Mrs. Dawes returned this morning to Marietta.  A light snow fell last night, most of which soon disappeared.  Mrs. Cutler & little Sarah have gone to spend the night at Mrs. Burgess’s.  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1864

Lucy has been busy hemming table cloths &c.  Kate’s preparations are nearly completed.  Mrs. Terril here today cleaning the parlor chamber & putting down the new carpet, also the north chamber and upper entry.  Mrs. Dawes came on the evening train.  Letters from Rufus & Mary who are enjoying themselves in Milwaukee very much.  The 53d have arrived in Ohio and are reported at Hamilton today.

Peggy's comments:
Kate's sister Lucy Dawes is helping with Kate's wedding preparations.

Rufus and Mary Dawes, having just been married the previous week, were traveling to meet Rufus's regiment in Wisconsin.

The 53d refers to Rufus's brother Ephraim Dawes's regiment.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Monday, Feb. 1, 1864

William has gone again to Chillicothe.  Maggie & Johnny Means here--John fixed the windows of Sarah’s doll house -- & staid to tea.  Kate received a letter from West Alexandria saying that Mr. McLean would start for this place two weeks from today.
The river is now entirely clear of ice & the weather warm.

Peggy's comments:
Maggie Voris was Lizzie Cutler's younger sister and Johnny Means was a cousin.

Mr. McLean is the Reverend Samuel McLean, Kate Dawes's intended husband, who was coming from West Alexandria, Ohio, approximately 200 miles west of the Old Stone House where the Cutlers lived.