Saturday, February 22, 2014

Monday, Feb. 22, 1864

Heard cannon at Parkersburg & bethought ourselves that this is Washington’s birthday -- William went to town and heard that Kate got safely to Columbus -- she probably reached West Alexandria Saturday night.  May the favor of God rest upon her in her new home.  They have also heard that Rufus has received an injury from the fall of his horse upon his foot.  He is in Milwaukee with his regiment who have re-enlisted as veterans.

Peggy's comments:
When the men in the Sixth Wisconsin re-enlisted, they were granted 30 days leave.  Rufus had returned to Marietta to marry Mary Gates and together they went to Milwaukee to spend time together before his leave was up.  The injured foot caused by a fall from his horse was to prevent him from returning to his regiment for about a month.

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