Friday, February 28, 2014

Monday, Feb. 29, 1864

Being leap year, February has an extra day.  Ground & trees covered with snow.  Lucy went home.  Rosa did not come this morning.  Mrs. Terril came & did the washing.
William says that last Saturday a Mr. McMurdy met him on the cars.  He is an Episcopal clergyman, intelligent, anti-slavery, and a Kentuckian whom he met in Washington.  He has been to Louisville to attend the “Border States” Convention and is wire-working for Chase.  He was anxious to get William’s views and was told that the masses were for “Old Abe”, let Senators & Representatives maneuver as they may.
There has been some-one in all day doing business, among them were Mr. Quimley, Mr. Seffins, Mr. Chalp, Mr. W. D. McCobace, Mr. Francey, Mr. G. W. Bailey, Mr. W. D. Bailey, Mr. B. C. Bailey.
Malachi Cole died to-day -- as he had lived, without God & without hope in his death.

Peggy’s comments:
Lincoln was up for reelection in 1864 and the political jockeying had begun.  Those who wished for a change were testing the waters for prospective candidates.  Advocates for Salmon Chase, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, were trying to discover how much support he might have as a candidate. 

Julia does not show much sympathy for Malachi Cole's passing.  In an early journal, she had listed members of the Cole family as "traitors".

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