Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1864

The house was early astir to get breakfast in time for the Wheeling boat but it passed before light -- and Mr. & Mrs. McLean spend the day here.  Mr. Curtis, Mrs. W. D. Bailey, Mr. Burgess called.
William went to Chillicothe, Mrs. Dawes, Major Dawes, & Miss Mary A. Nye returned to Marietta also Sarah Parker who spent last night at Mr. Burgess’s.
The day has been very cold the ice in the river is broadening and thickening and no boats are passing.  After supper Mr. & Mrs. McLean decided to go by Grafton.  Their baggage was conveyed to the Station & they went up to take the cars to Parkersburg.  Annie Dean & Lucy went to the station with them, a fire was built & after two hours waiting, with the thermometer at zero, the train came & took them down.  
Mr. Curtis came and staid all night.  

Arrived at Belpre, Mr. McLean found that the ferry boat could not cross on account of the ice, so they were obliged to come back on the train.  Kate was very much chilled & we fear very much the effect of so much exposure on her health.

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