Friday, October 31, 2014

Monday Oct. 31. 1864

Washing day, and I have the dinner to get.  William went to Marietta on oil business.
I see by Saturdays paper that Major E. C. Dawes has been discharged honorably from the service on account of his wounds.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunday Oct. 30. 1864

A quiet Sabbath.  We all went to meeting.  Mr. Curtis preached a good sermon.  I heard Wesley read for an hour this evening.  He is very studious, and can read tolerably, his perseverance is wonderful.  It ought to shame those who call these colored men “baboons & monkeys”--

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Saturday Oct. 29 1864

William, Rufus, Mary, & Lucy went to town.  The Colonel left his pocket-book, which he needed to take with him to Treble County next Monday, where he is “operating in oil” that is taking leases of oil territory.  Henry McClure is going out with him.       Mrs. Dawes came down on the eleven o’clock train to get the pocket-book & went up on the afternoon train.
Mr. Bowhan finished putting in our fire fronts with a patent flue.

Mrs. Terril here cleaning the bedroom & parlor.  I went up to call on Mrs. Burgess. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friday Oct. 28. 1864

It rained very hard last night with thunder & lightning and to day it has turned cold.  I gathered most of the catawba grapes.  Mr. Burgess was here to breakfast.  Mr. Boothby & Mr. Wynn who are making a cider-mill were here to dinner.  Also Mr. Bowhan who is setting the grates in the parlor & bedroom.  He charged $20.00.
We watched the steamboats all day expecting Mrs. Cutler & Sarah, but night came without bringing them, we looked for William home from Chillicothe on the evening train, which comes about eight o’clock, we found there were some persons with him first Col. Dawes & his wife then Lucy and next to our great surprise and joy Mrs. Cutler & Sarah--

Lucy brought a letter from Kate, Mr. McLean is very sick & I fear she will not be able to endure all her cares --

Peggy's comment:
Kate Dawes McLean, Julia's niece, had married in February of 1864.  She had  step-children to care for, and now, she was apparently caring for a sick husband. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thursday Oct 27 1864

Clara’s birthday may she have many happy returns of it.  Mrs. Dawes & Martha Colville went to Marietta.  Rainey.  Mr. N. L. Wilson telegraphed yesterday to William to go out on an extra train with him to-day.  He is coming home from New York City to Chillicothe to cast his vote for President & wants to talk over business matters.  The train came about ten o’clock A.M. and William started with his carpet sack full of Coopers apples & some Catawba grapes--
Maggie came down this afternoon, & Mr. Burgess was here this morning before light to see if Mrs. Burgess had come.  They expected to start home Tuesday.

Peggy's note:
Clara is Clara Cutler Walton, Julia's sister.  She lived in Pana, Illinois, and on this day, she was 48.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wednesday Oct. 26. 1864

Miss O’Harra brought me a clump of Daisies which I have put in a pot to keep in the pit.  I expected Lucy tonight -- she did not come but her mother did.  Martha has finished altering my black silk dress -- all but the trimming which I have not got yet.  We are expecting Mrs. Cutler & Sarah every boat.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tuesday Oct. 25. 1864

William went to town    Mrs. Dawes & Mr. Bowhan came home with him.  Mrs. Dawes had a very pleasant trip to Cincinnati   visited Cousin Mason D. Parker.  He took her round the City -- the trip has done her a great deal of good.  --  Mr. Bowhan is going to set up grates and firefronts in the parlor & bedroom he will do it Friday.  Mrs. Dawes went home on the afternoon train.
Mrs. McClure called & took the “Bible Depository” bibles & testaments to Emeline who is the “New Treasurer” --

Friday, October 24, 2014

Monday - Oct 24 1864

Nancy washed & I got dinner.  Mr. Boothby & Amos Wynn were here.  Wesley is picking apples for Mr. Burgess.  William and Henry McClure were here to spend the evening and talk “oil”--I made a gallon of “Catawba wine” -- Recieved a letter from J.A. Shedd.  

Peggy's comment:
J. A. Shedd was Jane (Jennie) Shedd, Julia's niece who was a missionary in Persia.  Mrs. Shedd is a sister to Rufus, Ephraim, Lucy, and Kate.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sabbath Oct. 23 1864

A Pleasant day.  Mr. Curtis preached from “How Shall they escape who neglect so great salvation” a good sermon.
Mr. A. S. Bailey’s friends Mr. & Mrs. Cowles from Columbus were at meeting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Saturday Oct. 22. 1864

Mrs. Perry and daughter left on the morning train.  Quite a snow storm this forenoon.  Nancy Carlin & her sister went to Parkersburg to see their brother James who is in hospital there.  Paid Nancy one dollar.  Martha Colville came home from Mr. Burgess’s this afternoon & finished my new black delaine dress.  No papers.

Peggy's comment:
"Delaine" refers to a type of fabric.  
The newspapers were delivered by the postal service.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friday Oct. 21. 1864

Mrs. Perry & her daughter Sarah spend the day here.  Charles left after breakfast.  James P. Walton came on the 11 o’clock train to see his aunt, Mrs. Perry, and to stay until Monday.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey & children dined with us -- and Maggie Voris was here to tea.
In addition to those already here, M. & Mrs. Bowhan Eliza & Hannah Carlin came to stay all night.  James Walton had to sleep on the sofa in the parlor.  Martha Colville went home with Maggie.

Dispatches from Sheridan at Cedar Creek Va announce another decisive victory in the Shenandoah Valley over the rebels.

Peggy's comment:
Jubal Early initially routed the Union troops, but Sheridan arrived and completely defeated the Confederates.  This Union victory helped garner votes for Lincoln in the upcoming election.

The Civil War Trust website has an animated map describing the battle plus a description of what is happening to the Cedar Creek site today.  

Here is A. Lincoln's message telegraphed to Gen. Sheridan.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Thursday Oct. 20. 1864

Mrs. Perry got up with a severe head ache, but went to town this morning leaving Sarah here with me.  William went to Marietta -- Nancy started immediately after breakfast to spend the day at home her sister Elizabeth Bowhan having just arrived from Missouri, driven out by guerrillas.
I was very busy all day.  Lucy Bailey here playing with Sarah Perry --  I did not go to circle because I could not.  Mrs. Perry & Charles Perry came on evening train.  Margaret Connelly now Mrs. Bailey was here to dinner.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1864.

Mrs. W. D. Bailey called to tell me that the circle meets to-morrow at James Repperts & to know if I would go.  I told her I could not decide until I saw what the providential indications were, but would see her tomorrow --confessing to a disinclination to go.
Mrs. Perry and her daughter Sarah came on the evening train to visit us.  Nancy washed today.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tuesday Oct. 18. 1864

William went to Zaleski and Mrs. S. C. Dawes with Col. Dawes to Cincinnati to see Ephraim who will be obliged to submit to another operation on his mouth.  How much he has been called to suffer!
Miss O'Harra was here to dinner.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Monday Oct. 17. 1864

We have had several hard frosts.  I took up my maurandias to keep in the pit & have planted hyacinths in pots for early spring blooming.  William went to Marietta twice to-day.  Mr. Burgess was here to dinner--  B. C. Bailey called to talk with William, but he being absent he discussed local politics with me.  This evening James P. Walton came to spend the night, and take some cooper apples & grapes up to be sent to Ephraim tomorrow by his mother who is going to see him.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sabbath Oct. 16, 1864

We had Rev. Mr. Mercer from Morgan Co. a Methodist, & agent for the Bible Society to preach today.  Mr. Curtis was also here.  The congregation contributed one hundred & eleven dollars for the cause and constituting the President A. S. Bailey, Secretary, Lyman Hart, & Treasurer Emeline McClure life-members of the American Bible Society.  Martha Colville came home from Mr. Burgess’s.
Jimmie Carlin came home with us from meeting & will stay until the eleven o’clock train tomorrow when he will go to Parkersburg to the hospital, he has improved a good deal since he was here last.  Nancy has sore throat. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saturday Oct. 15. 1864

Lucy is here today, we are having a quiet day, for talking over family matters -- her mother wishes to sell her present house to Rufus, and buy a house on the plain in Dutch Row some where.  I do not like the plan, & Lucy is much tried -- but I hope it will all end well.   J. J. Hollister called to say that it was proposed to have a Union Demonstration at Vincent some time before the election.  He wanted the co-operation of brother William, Mr. Bailey, & Col. Moore.  William got home from Cincinnati tonight--

Peggy's note:
At the time, Rufus Dawes and his wife Mary were staying with her parents in Marietta.  Rufus was doing some work with his Uncle William Cutler (Julia's brother) in the oil industry that was booming in Ohio.  In 1865 Rufus and Mary would buy a small house at 309 Fourth Street in Marietta which they would refer to as "the cottage."

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Friday, Oct. 14. 1864

Maggie Voris & Martha Colville came and sat an hour this afternoon.  Nancy went over to see Miss O’Harra & took her some grapes & learned to knit edging.  Lucy came on the evening train and will stay until Monday much to my satisfaction.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thursday Oct. 13 1864

I went on the cars with Mrs. W. D. Bailey to Mr. R. D. Hollisters’ to attend the meeting of our sewing circle.  There were quite a number of ladies convened there Rev. Mr. Wakefield from Harmar with his wife, Mrs. Hagwood, Mrs. Larns, the Misses Curtis, &c. c. c. from town.  We had a pleasant time, with very good fare, going beyond the rule only in meats.  They had cold chicken, cold sliced beef, & dried (?)-handed round.
Nancy came for me in the buggy, and Mrs. W. D. Bailey rode home with us, we got home an hour sooner than we should have done by the cars -- a beautiful moonlight evening, cool but pleasant.  It is said that Ohio has gone for the Union by 40,000 majority, Indiana 20,000, Pennsylvania 15,000.  God be praised.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wednesday Oct. 12. 1864

Mrs. Cutler & little Sarah with Mrs. Burgess went to town on the morning train to take the “Linnie Drown” (Steamboat) to go to Ashland Kentucky to visit at Mr. Hugh Means’ they also expect to visit Mr. Thomas Means at Hanging Rock.  Rainy morning.  William went on train to Cincinnati to attend to Railroad matters.  Rufus also on his way to Ruble Co. to look after oil.
There is a report that Hamilton Co. which usually goes Democratic has given 6000 for the Republicans, majority.

Martha went up to Mr. Burgesses to keep Maggie company.

Peggy's note:
Thomas and Hugh Means were brothers of Elizabeth Voris Burgess and therefore they were uncles to Lizzie Voris Cutler.

There was an oil boom in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 1864.  Rufus Dawes would work for an oil company for about a year.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tuesday Oct 11. 1864

This is election day.  In Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, the State elections take place to day, and from the result, we can judge how the Presidential Election will go.  The weather is pleasant, which is always a favorable circumstance.  Father used to say that a rainy election day generally was an omen of a Democratic victory.  This (Warren) township is sure to give a Copperhead majority this year, as it always does --  William went to town in the forenoon    came home to dinner and rode “Black Dan” to election.

Peggy's note:
Note:  The presidential election was to be held November 8, 1864.

On October 11,  an election was held in Ohio for U. S. Representatives for the 39th Congress.  The Ohio delegation had 19 seats (2 Democrat, 17 Republican).  Though Warren Township may have gone for the Copperheads, the entire district elected a Republican.  Here are the representatives elected from Ohio in 1864.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Monday Oct. 10. 1864

Mrs. Cutler went to Marietta to make some purchases and returned at 11’ o’clock.  Dahlias & Tomatoes show the effects of frost to day.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sabbath. Oct 9 1864

James P. Walton who came down Friday & spent the sabbath with us --  It is still cold.  We shall have frost to night.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Saturday Oct. 8. 1864

A cold raw day, we have kept up our fires as we do in winter.  Mrs. Cutler & Sarah started with William to go to Marietta but a cold rain setting in they came back from the station nearly frozen.  Sarah took cold.  There was to have been a political meeting in town, but the wise ones concluded not to have one altho’ many in from the country were disappointed.  Nancy went home.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Friday Oct 7 1864

William returned about noon.  Good meeting at Beverly.  Plants & Dorsey spoke in the afternoon  -- in the evening William spoke to a full house.  Torch light procession  --  He spent the night at Dr. Littles.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Thursday, Oct. 6. 1864

Mrs. Cutler, little Sarah, & I went in his buggy calling for Maggie Voris to Mrs. Charles Dickeys to attend circle  -- about 30 there -- very pleasant time--
Brother William went in his carriage to Beverly to attend political meeting.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wednesday Oct. 5. 1864

Colored merino crimson for Sarah, a saque,  also some ribbins  -- very pretty.  Sarah went with me to the hill for elderberries, we got a basketful to make wine.

Peggy's note:
A saque was a kind of jacket.  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tuesday. Oct. 4 (1864)

I looked out and saw little Sarah coming in at the gate, her mother & Maggie Voris are in town shopping.  They came up to Mrs. Dawes’ & Mrs. Dawes & I came home with them.  I met Clay Reppert on the cars.  He is a Lieutenant in General Thomas’ body guard, says he likes the service & has no wish to leave it, has never been wounded, but a ball struck a button on the breast of his overcoat.  I think he is a good soldier & a fine man.
David Irwin & his sister Ellen, Amos Hollister, & his sister Justine, called to wait for the cars.  They are going to visit friends in Hancock County.  Mrs. Dawes went up on the cars with them, taking two baskets of grapes to send to Ephraim by Express. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Monday Oct. 3. 1864

Read the Club Magazines “Good House” “Chambers Journal” “Living Age” &c.  -- got on a little with the Stories of Lindisfarn Chase and Tony Butler, which I began at home.  Mrs. E. B. Andrews called.  Lucy came home with Rufus.  Slept with me and told me her experiences.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sabbath Oct. 2. 1864

Mrs. Dawes threatened with sick headache, and unable to go to meeting.  I staid at home with her, read several of the minor prophets.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oct. 1”. 1864. Saturday

I went to Marietta with William.  Miss Mary Cone & Frank Brush who spent last night at our house, went up with us.  I asked the conductors Mr. Brock & Mr. Ridlow to “pass her” which they did, a favor I never asked before for myself or any one.  At the junction we saw Col. Dawes on his way to see Ephe, he will spend the Sabbath at Cincinnati.  Mrs. Dawes and I were invited to dine at Mrs. Giles’ in Harmar with Mrs. Blackinton, it rained very hard all the forenoon & we could not go.  Mr. Giles called in the afternoon & Mrs. Blackinton did not come.  Sarah & I looked over the genealogical Register.  Toward evening called on Mrs. Gates.  Mr. Gates arrived at home this morning from New England where he has been spending several weeks with John Newton in pursuit of health.  Mr. Gates’ brother came out with him on an oil speculation, or to look at oil lands.  We went to Mr. Graves’ but Mrs. Graves was out riding with her husband’s parents now here on a visit from the East.  We then called at Mr. Bachelors to see Sarah Parker, who boards there, but she too was out.  We then started to go to Deacon A. T. Nye’s but Mrs. Dawes was so tired, we turned back calling at Mr. Edward Buells on our way home.