Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friday Oct. 28. 1864

It rained very hard last night with thunder & lightning and to day it has turned cold.  I gathered most of the catawba grapes.  Mr. Burgess was here to breakfast.  Mr. Boothby & Mr. Wynn who are making a cider-mill were here to dinner.  Also Mr. Bowhan who is setting the grates in the parlor & bedroom.  He charged $20.00.
We watched the steamboats all day expecting Mrs. Cutler & Sarah, but night came without bringing them, we looked for William home from Chillicothe on the evening train, which comes about eight o’clock, we found there were some persons with him first Col. Dawes & his wife then Lucy and next to our great surprise and joy Mrs. Cutler & Sarah--

Lucy brought a letter from Kate, Mr. McLean is very sick & I fear she will not be able to endure all her cares --

Peggy's comment:
Kate Dawes McLean, Julia's niece, had married in February of 1864.  She had  step-children to care for, and now, she was apparently caring for a sick husband. 

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