Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tuesday. Oct. 4 (1864)

I looked out and saw little Sarah coming in at the gate, her mother & Maggie Voris are in town shopping.  They came up to Mrs. Dawes’ & Mrs. Dawes & I came home with them.  I met Clay Reppert on the cars.  He is a Lieutenant in General Thomas’ body guard, says he likes the service & has no wish to leave it, has never been wounded, but a ball struck a button on the breast of his overcoat.  I think he is a good soldier & a fine man.
David Irwin & his sister Ellen, Amos Hollister, & his sister Justine, called to wait for the cars.  They are going to visit friends in Hancock County.  Mrs. Dawes went up on the cars with them, taking two baskets of grapes to send to Ephraim by Express. 

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