Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saturday Oct. 15. 1864

Lucy is here today, we are having a quiet day, for talking over family matters -- her mother wishes to sell her present house to Rufus, and buy a house on the plain in Dutch Row some where.  I do not like the plan, & Lucy is much tried -- but I hope it will all end well.   J. J. Hollister called to say that it was proposed to have a Union Demonstration at Vincent some time before the election.  He wanted the co-operation of brother William, Mr. Bailey, & Col. Moore.  William got home from Cincinnati tonight--

Peggy's note:
At the time, Rufus Dawes and his wife Mary were staying with her parents in Marietta.  Rufus was doing some work with his Uncle William Cutler (Julia's brother) in the oil industry that was booming in Ohio.  In 1865 Rufus and Mary would buy a small house at 309 Fourth Street in Marietta which they would refer to as "the cottage."

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