Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friday Oct. 21. 1864

Mrs. Perry & her daughter Sarah spend the day here.  Charles left after breakfast.  James P. Walton came on the 11 o’clock train to see his aunt, Mrs. Perry, and to stay until Monday.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey & children dined with us -- and Maggie Voris was here to tea.
In addition to those already here, M. & Mrs. Bowhan Eliza & Hannah Carlin came to stay all night.  James Walton had to sleep on the sofa in the parlor.  Martha Colville went home with Maggie.

Dispatches from Sheridan at Cedar Creek Va announce another decisive victory in the Shenandoah Valley over the rebels.

Peggy's comment:
Jubal Early initially routed the Union troops, but Sheridan arrived and completely defeated the Confederates.  This Union victory helped garner votes for Lincoln in the upcoming election.

The Civil War Trust website has an animated map describing the battle plus a description of what is happening to the Cedar Creek site today.  

Here is A. Lincoln's message telegraphed to Gen. Sheridan.

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