Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tuesday Oct 11. 1864

This is election day.  In Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, the State elections take place to day, and from the result, we can judge how the Presidential Election will go.  The weather is pleasant, which is always a favorable circumstance.  Father used to say that a rainy election day generally was an omen of a Democratic victory.  This (Warren) township is sure to give a Copperhead majority this year, as it always does --  William went to town in the forenoon    came home to dinner and rode “Black Dan” to election.

Peggy's note:
Note:  The presidential election was to be held November 8, 1864.

On October 11,  an election was held in Ohio for U. S. Representatives for the 39th Congress.  The Ohio delegation had 19 seats (2 Democrat, 17 Republican).  Though Warren Township may have gone for the Copperheads, the entire district elected a Republican.  Here are the representatives elected from Ohio in 1864.

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