Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wednesday Oct. 12. 1864

Mrs. Cutler & little Sarah with Mrs. Burgess went to town on the morning train to take the “Linnie Drown” (Steamboat) to go to Ashland Kentucky to visit at Mr. Hugh Means’ they also expect to visit Mr. Thomas Means at Hanging Rock.  Rainy morning.  William went on train to Cincinnati to attend to Railroad matters.  Rufus also on his way to Ruble Co. to look after oil.
There is a report that Hamilton Co. which usually goes Democratic has given 6000 for the Republicans, majority.

Martha went up to Mr. Burgesses to keep Maggie company.

Peggy's note:
Thomas and Hugh Means were brothers of Elizabeth Voris Burgess and therefore they were uncles to Lizzie Voris Cutler.

There was an oil boom in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 1864.  Rufus Dawes would work for an oil company for about a year.

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