Monday, October 13, 2014

Thursday Oct. 13 1864

I went on the cars with Mrs. W. D. Bailey to Mr. R. D. Hollisters’ to attend the meeting of our sewing circle.  There were quite a number of ladies convened there Rev. Mr. Wakefield from Harmar with his wife, Mrs. Hagwood, Mrs. Larns, the Misses Curtis, &c. c. c. from town.  We had a pleasant time, with very good fare, going beyond the rule only in meats.  They had cold chicken, cold sliced beef, & dried (?)-handed round.
Nancy came for me in the buggy, and Mrs. W. D. Bailey rode home with us, we got home an hour sooner than we should have done by the cars -- a beautiful moonlight evening, cool but pleasant.  It is said that Ohio has gone for the Union by 40,000 majority, Indiana 20,000, Pennsylvania 15,000.  God be praised.

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