Ephraim Cutler (1767-1853) and Leah Atwood (1765-1807)
  • Mary Polly (1788-1795)  died in childhood
  • Nancy        (1790-1882)  m. Rufus Gregory Carter
  • Charles      (1792-1849)  m. Maria Walker
  • Hezekiah   (1794-1795)  died in infancy
  • Mary (Polly) (1796-1872)  m. Gulliver Dean
  • Daniel Converse  (1799-1887)  m. Betsey Larkin
Ephraim Cutler and second wife, Sally Parker (1777-1846)
  • Sarah          (1809-1896)   m. Henry Dawes
  • Manasseh  (1810-1822)   died in childhood
  • William Parker (1812-1889)  m. Lizzie Voris
  • Julia Perkins    (1814-1904)  unmarried
  • Clara (Clarissa Warner)  (1816-1874)     m. Rev. James Walton

Henry Dawes (1804-1867) and Sarah Cutler (1809-1896)
  • Kate (Catherine Lucretia) (1830-1866)    m.  Rev. Samuel McLean
  • Henry Manasseh     (1832-1860)  unmarried
  • Lucy                    (1833-1898)  unmarried
  • Jennie  (Sarah Jane)   (1836-1921)  m. Rev. John Shedd
  • Rufus R.              (1838-1899)  m. Mary Beman Gates
  • Ephraim Cutler   (1840-1895)  m. Martha Frances Bosworth

William P. Cutler (1812-1889) and Lizzie Voris (1832-1911)
  • William Ephraim (1851-1852)  died in infancy
  • Annie Elizabeth  (1853-1864)   died in childhood
  • Sarah Julia          (1856-1933)   unmarried
  • Ephraim Sumner  (1858-1860)  died in infancy
  • Jennie (Margaret Jane)  (1861-1861)  died in infancy
  • William Means     (1867-1870)  died in infancy

Ephraim Cutler Dawes
  • Ephraim:  Ephraim Cutler Dawes.  Youngest child of Sarah Cutler Dawes and Henry Dawes.  Served as an officer in the 53rd Ohio Volunteers.   Severely wounded in 1864.  Married Frances Bosworth in 1866.  No children.

  • Jane:  Sarah Jane Dawes Shedd  Jane was a daughter of Henry and Sarah Cutler Dawes, and sister to Kate, Lucy, Rufus and Ephraim Dawes.  She married John Shedd before the beginning of the Civil War and together they went to Persia as missionaries. 

Julia P. Cutler
  • Julia Perkins Cutler  The author of this journal, Julia lived in the Old Stone House where she was born.  The house was in Constitution, Ohio, 6 miles south of Marietta, Ohio.  She lived with her brother William and his wife and their children.  Also living with them was a niece, Kate Dawes.  Julia moved to Marietta, Ohio, where she lived until her death at age 90.

  • Kate Dawes:  Kate Dawes, a close friend of Lizzie, and a niece of William Cutler, Kate lived with the Cutlers in the Old Stone House.  Kate was the daughter of Sarah and Henry Dawes.  She married a widow, Rev. Samuel McLean and helped raise his children.  They had one daughter, Kitty, born in 1866.  Kate died in 1866 and Kitty was raised by Kate's sister Lucy.  Sadly, Kitty died in 1877 at the age of 11.
  • Little Jennie:  Margaret Jane Cutler, a baby girl of William P. Cutler and Lizzie Voris Cutler.
Lizzie Voris Cutler
  • Lizzie:  Elizabeth Voris Cutler, wife of William P. Cutler.  Lizzie was pregnant many times and delivered many babies.  All of them died in infancy or early childhood except for one daughter, Sarah Julia Cutler.

  • Lucy:  Lucy Dawes.  An unmarried niece of Julia Cutler.  Lucy was a teacher in Marietta, Ohio.  She was a daughter of Sarah and Henry Dawes.  Lucy was the member of the family who was often called upon to tend to sick relatives.  She also took in her sister Kate's daughter, Kitty, after Kate died.  
  • Maggie:  Maggie Voris, a sister of Lizzie's.  She lived with her mother, Mrs. Burgess, and step-father Dyer Burgess.
Burgess Homestead
  • Mrs. Burgess:  Elizabeth Williamson Means Burgess, mother of Lizzie Cutler, wife of Rev. Burgess.  Mrs. Burgess lived within walking distance of the Cutlers.  Her daughter Maggie Voris, lived with them.  Mrs. Burgess was also raising her granddaughter, Lizzie Pogue, whose mother had died shortly after childbirth.

Rufus R. Dawes
  • Rufus:  Rufus R. Dawes, son of Sarah Cutler Dawes and Henry Dawes.  Elected Captain of Company K, 6th Wisconsin Volunteers.  Rufus served in the Civil War with distinction and was mustered out in 1864.  Earlier that year he married Mary Beman Gates and together they had six children:  Charles Gates Dawes, Rufus Cutler Dawes, Beman Gates Dawes, Mary Frances Dawes, Henry May Dawes and Betsey Gates Dawes.  All of their children married and had long and productive lives.

Sarah Cutler Dawes
  • Sister Sarah:  Sarah Cutler Dawes.  The oldest sister of William, Julia, and Lucy Cutler.  Mother of Kate, Henry (who died in 1860), Lucy, Sarah Jane (known as Jennie, she was married and living in Persia with her missionary husband at the time of this journal), Rufus and Ephraim Dawes.  In 1861 Sarah separated from her husband, Henry Dawes.  She lived in Marietta, Ohio.  She is sometimes referred to in the journal as Mrs. Dawes. 

Sarah Julia and Annie Cutler

  • Little Sarah and Annie Cutler  Daughters of William and Lizzie Cutler.  Little Sarah, the younger girl in this picture, was the only child of William and Lizzie Cutler to survive to adulthood.

William P. Cutler

  • William P. Cutler:   William P. Cutler  Brother of Julia Cutler.  Owner of the Old Stone House in Constitution, Ohio, 6 miles below Marietta, Ohio.  William was a farmer, businessman (in railroads), and from March 1861-1863 he was a Member of the  U. S. House of Representatives.  William was married to Lizzie Voris.