Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 28. 1865.

A beautiful day -- Lucy started to Cincinnati and Lizzie went to town with her sister.  She suffered very much all night with the toothache.  She expects to stay at Mrs. Dawes’ till tomorrow.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Monday Feb. 27. 1865.

William left home this morning expecting to be away all the week at Chillicothe and Cincinnati.  The management of the M. & C. Railroad devolves mainly upon him  -- the Company re-elected him Vice President last week and gave him also the General Superintendence of the road he is to have $10,000 per year salary--
Lucy went home this morning but returned in the evening prepared to Start in the morning to Cincinnati to get a carpet, curtains, &c. for their parlor.  Nancy came home to day & her brother with her.  He went to town on the Afternoon train but came back and spent the night here --  Lucy Bailey began to-day to recite with Sarah--

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sabbath. Feb. 26. 1865

After breakfast Mr. Hopkins went to Mr. Burgess’s -- I went to Sabbath School & church.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saturday Feb. 25 1865

Lucy came on the accommodation this forenoon & will remain till Monday.  This morning about four o’clock, William was called up by Mr. Frost who had come on an extra train for him to go to Athens where there was trouble apprehended on the Railroad.  It seems that some women had objected to having the road pass over a few acres which they owned unless the Company would give them $50,000.  They had been at law about it for years, and refused to touch the money which had been awarded to them & had been awaiting their acceptance for years.  They had now got a decree from some Buckeye Judge -- under which they proposed to tear up the track.  They had given notice that they should do so last night, but the Railroad Company had prepared themselves for this contingency by referring the matter to General Hooker now in command of this Department who at once said the road was a military necessity and must not be obstructed.  William and Mr. Frost went out on an extra, taking Levi Barber, the Provost Marshal with them.  When they came to the scene of operations they found rails &c piled up on the road & two of the discontented females standing on the track with red flags in their hands which they waved vigorously upon their approach.  Barber told them he had Gen. Hooker’s order to prevent the obstruction of his road, but it was as if one talked to the wind, they would not hear to reason and when the passenger train made its appearance, Mrs. Brown planted herself on the track with the National Flag wrapped around her (which she had single handed captured from some twenty Copperheads in Valandingham times) and with a red flag in either hand she stood prepared to dispute their passage exclaiming that she was not the first person who had died for freedom.  She stood her ground and when the train stopped the cow catcher almost touched her.  It happened that one of the cars thus stopped was filled with recruits who upon seeing her singular costume began to gather about her singing “We’ll rally round the flag boys” -- Charlie Wood seized a rail to remove it, but she clung to the other end -- altogether it was a very ludicrous scene -- Soon after these indignant females were reinforced by three other warlike damsels (sisters to the first party) who came down to participate in the melee.  William said he walked along the track with one on either side both talking at once a perfect torrent of argument and invective and he should as soon hope to have made himself heard in the midst of a West India hurricane as to get a word in there.  They denounced the Railroad and its officers, and “the little switched off town of Marietta, that pretended to have 5000 inhabitants and had not half the number” &c --After the passenger train had passed they again piled up the rails and [unreadable] on the railroad, when Mr. Barber told them that he had orders to keep the road open, and if they persisted in obstructing it he should be obliged to arrest and imprison them which they dared him to do--
Gen. Hooker was appealed to by telegraph who immediately ordered up a detachment of soldiers from Cincinnati to protect the road --  Finally all the five rioters (who are daughters of the late Judge Currier) unboarded with the exception of Mrs Brown who was defiant to the last --

William came home very tired about midnight, bringing Archie Hopkins (who is a distant cousin of Lizzie’s) home with him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Friday. Feb. 24. 1865

Put the house in order as usual, heard Sarah’s lessons.  Read the Gazzette to Mr. Burgess who was in a most uncomfortable State of mind.  Scolded because people would use the word “demoralize” in a way which he thinks is very improper -- and considers this a proof of the infidelity of the times.  He said “he hoped Sherman’s army would be destroyed and every other army that was in favor of graven images, and establishing infidelity” -- I told him I had not a doubt there were many men in Shermans army who were as good Christians as Mr. Burgess was” -- He said “more than half this nation wanted to destroy the Christian religion, and set up infidelity”    I said “I hoped not, but our Savior said not every one that saith Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom”  “Well” said he “I will never worship in your Free Masons Hall, where every member of the church is in favor of secret Societies” --  Now in truth there is not a member of our Church who is a free-mason -- and I cannot but think that Mr. Burgess is deranged when he talks thus.  I replied “we must not accuse the brethren” --
After Mr. Burgess went away, Mrs. Blackinton & Alice came to spend the day, we sent up for Mrs. W. D. Bailey to come to dinner which she did.  Nancy is going home this afternoon to see a cousin who has just arrived -- she has extra work to do, so I had to help get dinner.  William came home from Chillicothe tired enough -- Martha came home from G. W. Bailey’s this evening.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Thursday Feb. 23 1865

Nancy has gone up to help Eliza at Mr. Burgesses to day.  So the kitchen claims my attention to the exclusion of other matters.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wednesday Feb. 22. 1865

Mr. McLean left this morning after breakfast promising that Kate should visit us soon.  Mrs. Cutler & Sarah came home this forenoon.
The cannon boomed for an hour today from Fort Bowman.  I presume in honor of Washington’s birthday -- and also rejoicing over the successes of Sherman in taking [unreadable] and Columbia in S. C., over the evacuation of Charleston & perhaps more than all over Fort Sumter and the Stars and stripes which now wave over it.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 21. 1865

Mrs. Cutler & Sarah have gone again to spend the day at Mr. Burgesses.  Mr. Means was not there yesterday but came last night.  William has gone to Chillicothe to attend the annual meeting of the Board of the M. & C. Rail Road.
I have written to Mary C. Sharp of Logan, brother Charles daug, and to Kate to-day -- very unexpectedly Mr. McLean arrived on his way from his farm home.  He expects to put his horse on a Steamboat at Marietta tomorrow and go home that way.  His farm is thought to be in the oil region  I hope it may prove to be so.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Monday Feb. 20 1865

Mrs. Dawes too sick to go in the morning -- staid and went on after noon train.  Lizzie & Sara spent the day at Mr. Burgess’s expecting to meet Mr. Hugh Means.
Sherman is progressing in South Carolina almost without opposition.  He has taken Branchville and Columbia the capitol of the state and it is said that Charleston is being evacuated.  The Carolinians have been very boastful -- but not very valiant  “He who fights & runs away, may live to fight another day” --

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sabbath Feb 19 1865

I went to Sabbath School & meeting -- Mr. Curtis preached on the existence & character of Satan.
A very muddy road -- Mrs. Dawes has sick headache.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Saturday Feb. 18. 1865

Martha walked down this morning from the Burgess’ and we sent up the carriage for Mrs. Cutler and Sarah --  Mr. Burgess was here as usual to get the Gazzette and have me read it to him.  He is wonderfully excited about the ----------- [unreadable word crossed out]  pronounces the whole thing a humbug don’t believe in upheavals and ------all infidelity.  Sometimes he is ------- his talk.
Mrs. S. C. Dawes came down on the train with William this forenoon & will stay untill Monday.  She is going to send the record which I have prepared to Rev. Abner Morse of Boston.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Friday Feb 17 1865

Mrs. Cutler and Sarah went to Mr. Burgess’ taking Martha Colville with them in the carriage.  It has turned out a stormy day and Mr. Burgess came down to say that they would spend the night -- I have been writing all day copying out the Cutler Record since Hezekiah Cutlers time.  It is quite a labor & I fear I shall not get everything in it which should be there.  William returned from Chillicothe--got here about midnight--

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thursday Feb 16 1865

A sunny day -- had my pits open.   The plants have suffered from confinement, the cinnerarias are dead, and geraniums look badly --
I am still busy making out our genealogy to send to Rev Abner Morse.  -- Emeline McClure called.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wednesday, Feb. 15. 1865

Raining this morning and all day foggy, drizzling weather, the snow is going off rapidly.  Maggie came down to tea, and spends the night here.  The news from Sherman is said to be encouraging, it is thought he has Branchville, & it is rumored that Charleston S. C. is evacuated -- There is talk of a secret arrangement between the French Emperor & the Rebels by which they are to be recognized the 1st of March & two iron-clads are to be sent to attack New York.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 14 1865

Still cold.  William started to Chillicothe & Linley Wilcox home this morning.  Maggie Voris spent the day here.  But had to go home to see Emeline McLure.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Monday Feb. 13. 1865

One of the coldest mornings we have had this winter our thermometer was 4o above zero but in exposed situations the mercury was at zero.  Martha came back but Mrs. B. C. Bailey sent for her to go to her house to do some sewing.      Fresh pork brings 18 cents per pound -- eggs have been 40 cents a dozen -- and butter as high as 50 cents, I don’t know how poor people live.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sabbath Feb 12 1865

A keen, cold, north wind -- we walked to meeting.  G. W. Bailey is sick with lung-fever so we have no sabbath school superintendant and no singing  school.
Mr. Curtis preached a good sermon on Communion with God.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Friday Feb. 10. 1865

Hannah Carlin came to spend the night.  Lucy & Ephe came on the evening train, he returning to town to night.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Thursday Feb. 9. 1865

Martha went to Mr. McTaggarts she is going to morrow to Barlow to see her cousin Isabelle Breckenridge who is very low with consumption.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wednesday Feb 8. 1865

Mr. Dean who came Monday evening, & went to town yesterday to get 100 buckets for Sugar making -- went home on the cars to-day.  He asked me to go to Ames with him but I am too busy writing out our Genealogy for Rev. Abner Morse of Boston to go now.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 7. 1865

The Hon Mr Whetstone of Cincinnati was one of the killed at Lee’s Creek.  It is one of those casualties that fill the mind with horror, and yet it is just as much a providential occurrence as the wreck of a ship at sea ---
It began to snow last night & has snowed nearly all day.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Monday Feb. 6. 1865

William has gone out to Chillicothe today.  I am more busy Mondays than other days.  I usually sweep the rooms & make the beds, teach Sarah her lessons, and read two hours to Mr. Burgess to this is added on Monday, to help clear away after breakfast & Dinner & to get Dinner.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sabbath Feb. 5. 1865

Mr. Curtis did not preach here to-day being absent on account of the serious illness of a member of his brothers family.  We went to sabbath school and meeting    William read a good sermon from Burders’ village sermons “Go you into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature”  Martha Colville came last night and will be here for the present.
Mr. W. C. McClure & his wife came up from Cincinnati yesterday and arrived here at five o’clock this morning.  He says the accident was occasioned by the pier which supported the bridge being undermined by the water and the presence of the ice occasioned its fall -- about 4 o’clock in the morning.  This was unknown to the train men -- the engine got over but the cars were precipitated 75 feet into the creek where they took fire & burnt up with their ill fated inmates 10 or 12 in number -- 14 persons were badly injured --  It is wonderful that any body lived through such a catastrophe.  One man floated down the creek a mile or more on the fragments and got out alive.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Saturday Feb 4 1865

Mrs. Dawes came down with William from Marietta he went up with Pres. Wilson on an extra this morning.  Terrible accident at Lee’s creek.  M. & C. RR.  William has recieved dispatches and is almost sick over it.  The Chillicothe Accommodation train went through a bridge and ten or more passengers burnt up.  
Mrs. Dawes has recieved another letter from Rev. Abner Morse, very interesting.  She returned this afternoon.  Lucy is not well.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Saturday Feb. 11 1865

Lucy spent most of the day here going home on the afternoon train.  She is looking pale & thin.  The last years’ anxieties and cares have worn upon her very much.  I hope the future will be more full of blessing to her, than the past ---

Friday Feb 3. 1865

Mr. Wilcox went on the train to New England.  The first steamboat passed down since the ice has been running.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Thursday. Feb 2. 1865

Mr. Wilcox went to town with Wm and returned on accommodation train.  He says that the guerrillas in Marion County where he has been in West Virginia are a perfect terror to the inhabitants -- stealing horses and murdering people as they have opportunity.  He told of a woman who had sold some property for which she recieved a considerable sum of money, at too late an hour to deposit in bank, some miles distant -- She felt anxious & apprehensive of trouble.  That night a soldier, very tired stopped and craved her hospitality.  She at first refused to let him stay, but at last consented.  After she had done so, she told him she had much rather he would go on to a neighbors.  He told her he was very tired, and certainly would do her no harm if he might but stay till morning -- she then told him she feared that there would be trouble that night.  He said if so, to call him & he would help her all he could -- so loading his gun & revolver he retired to rest.  Sure enough, the woman was awakened in the night by a knocking at the door.  She asked “who is there” and was told “none of your business, open the door” upon her refusal to do this, the door was burst open & two men entered and demanded her money threatening instant death if she refused.  She accordingly gave them $50 which she had in the room, but they told her they knew she had more, and they must have that, still threatning her life.  She said it was up stairs and went to fetch it, she found the soldier had been awakened by the noise, and was soon ready to assist her.  One of the ruffians thinking her stay too long, probably, now came up stairs he scarcely reached their head before the steady aim of the soldier laid him down.  At the sound of the pistol his comrade sprang up the stairs supposing the first ruffian had shot the woman.  The soldier fired again and the other fell.  They were blacked to disguise them selves, and armed to the teeth, revolvers, 16 shot wide.  Upon removing the disguise they were recognized -- being men who resided in that region but had been in the rebel army.  It being so entirely & manifestly killing in self-defence no action was taken, or notice of the matter.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Feb. 1. 1865 - Wednesday

Mrs. Cutler & Sarah went to Mr. Burgess’s and will spend the night.  William all day at Marietta.  Mr. T. B. Wilcox who had been getting Options on oil territory in West Virginia is here to night.      The Gazzette says that the Constitutional Amendment abolishing slavery has passed the House of Representatives in Congress.  I thank God that he is thus inclining the hearts of our rulers to do away this great sin.  It has already passed the Senate -- and I trust that the State Legislatures will ratify the measure speedily.

Note (from Wikipedia):
The Thirteenth Amendment became part of the Constitution on December 6, 1865, based on the following ratifications:[76]
  1. Illinois — February 1, 1865
  2. Rhode Island — February 2, 1865
  3. Michigan — February 3, 1865
  4. Maryland — February 3, 1865
  5. New York — February 3, 1865
  6. Pennsylvania — February 3, 1865
  7. West Virginia — February 3, 1865
  8. Missouri — February 6, 1865
  9. Maine — February 7, 1865
  10. Kansas — February 7, 1865
  11. Massachusetts — February 7, 1865
  12. Virginia — February 9, 1865
  13. Ohio — February 10, 1865
  14. Indiana — February 13, 1865
  15. Nevada — February 16, 1865
  16. Louisiana — February 17, 1865
  17. Minnesota — February 23, 1865
  18. Wisconsin — February 24, 1865
  19. Vermont — March 8, 1865
  20. Tennessee — April 7, 1865
  21. Arkansas — April 14, 1865
  22. Connecticut — May 4, 1865
  23. New Hampshire — July 1, 1865
  24. South Carolina — November 13, 1865
  25. Alabama — December 2, 1865
  26. North Carolina — December 4, 1865
  27. Georgia — December 6, 1865
Having been ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states—27 of the 36 states (including those that had been in rebellion), Secretary of State Seward, on December 18, 1865, certified that the Thirteenth Amendment had become valid, to all intents and purposes, as a part of the Constitution.[77] Included on the enrolled list of ratifying states were the three ex-confederate states that had given their assent, but with strings attached. Seward accepted their affirmative votes, brushed aside their interpretive declarations without comment, challenge or any acknowledgment at all.[78]
The Thirteenth Amendment was subsequently ratified by:[76]
  • Oregon — December 8, 1865
  • California — December 19, 1865
  • Florida — December 28, 1865 (Reaffirmed – June 9, 1869)
  • Iowa — January 15, 1866
  • New Jersey — January 23, 1866 (After rejection – March 16, 1865)
  • Texas — February 18, 1870
  • Delaware — February 12, 1901 (After rejection – February 8, 1865)
  • Kentucky — March 18, 1976[79] (After rejection – February 24, 1865)
  • Mississippi — March 16, 1995; Certified – February 7, 2013[80] (After rejection – December 5, 1865)