Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Friday. Feb. 24. 1865

Put the house in order as usual, heard Sarah’s lessons.  Read the Gazzette to Mr. Burgess who was in a most uncomfortable State of mind.  Scolded because people would use the word “demoralize” in a way which he thinks is very improper -- and considers this a proof of the infidelity of the times.  He said “he hoped Sherman’s army would be destroyed and every other army that was in favor of graven images, and establishing infidelity” -- I told him I had not a doubt there were many men in Shermans army who were as good Christians as Mr. Burgess was” -- He said “more than half this nation wanted to destroy the Christian religion, and set up infidelity”    I said “I hoped not, but our Savior said not every one that saith Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom”  “Well” said he “I will never worship in your Free Masons Hall, where every member of the church is in favor of secret Societies” --  Now in truth there is not a member of our Church who is a free-mason -- and I cannot but think that Mr. Burgess is deranged when he talks thus.  I replied “we must not accuse the brethren” --
After Mr. Burgess went away, Mrs. Blackinton & Alice came to spend the day, we sent up for Mrs. W. D. Bailey to come to dinner which she did.  Nancy is going home this afternoon to see a cousin who has just arrived -- she has extra work to do, so I had to help get dinner.  William came home from Chillicothe tired enough -- Martha came home from G. W. Bailey’s this evening.

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