Monday, February 2, 2015

Thursday. Feb 2. 1865

Mr. Wilcox went to town with Wm and returned on accommodation train.  He says that the guerrillas in Marion County where he has been in West Virginia are a perfect terror to the inhabitants -- stealing horses and murdering people as they have opportunity.  He told of a woman who had sold some property for which she recieved a considerable sum of money, at too late an hour to deposit in bank, some miles distant -- She felt anxious & apprehensive of trouble.  That night a soldier, very tired stopped and craved her hospitality.  She at first refused to let him stay, but at last consented.  After she had done so, she told him she had much rather he would go on to a neighbors.  He told her he was very tired, and certainly would do her no harm if he might but stay till morning -- she then told him she feared that there would be trouble that night.  He said if so, to call him & he would help her all he could -- so loading his gun & revolver he retired to rest.  Sure enough, the woman was awakened in the night by a knocking at the door.  She asked “who is there” and was told “none of your business, open the door” upon her refusal to do this, the door was burst open & two men entered and demanded her money threatening instant death if she refused.  She accordingly gave them $50 which she had in the room, but they told her they knew she had more, and they must have that, still threatning her life.  She said it was up stairs and went to fetch it, she found the soldier had been awakened by the noise, and was soon ready to assist her.  One of the ruffians thinking her stay too long, probably, now came up stairs he scarcely reached their head before the steady aim of the soldier laid him down.  At the sound of the pistol his comrade sprang up the stairs supposing the first ruffian had shot the woman.  The soldier fired again and the other fell.  They were blacked to disguise them selves, and armed to the teeth, revolvers, 16 shot wide.  Upon removing the disguise they were recognized -- being men who resided in that region but had been in the rebel army.  It being so entirely & manifestly killing in self-defence no action was taken, or notice of the matter.

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