Saturday, March 16, 2013

Monday, March 16, 1863

Rufus & Kate came to spend the day, this being the only day William can be at home this week.  On evening train Lucy brought a note of invitation to Rufus from R. E. Harte, Prof Evans, Wm Ward, D. Hildreth, Rev. Mr. Wickes, Rev. Mr. Boyd & others to make a speech to them some evening this week.  He accepted it for Thursday evening.  A. S. Bailey & W. D. McClure spent the evening here discussing the 36th OVI.

Peggy's notes:
The following is the note of invitation to Rufus to speak in Marietta.
Major Rufus R. Dawes.  Dear Sir:  The undersigned, believing it would be gratifying to many of our citizens to hear from you in regard to the war, and the state of the country, would respectfully invite you to address the public of Marietta, at the Court House at such time as you may designate.   
R. E. Harte, Thos. W. Ewart, E. W. Evans, F. A Wheeler, Chas. R. Rhodes, Wm. S. Ward, Thos. Wickes, S. P. Hildreth and others 


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