Monday, April 15, 2013

Wednesday, April 15, 1863

Mrs. Dawes & Lucy returned to Marietta on morning train.  Maggie here to dinner.  Mrs. Terril ironed.
Lizzie walks from room to room but gains strength very slowly.

Peggy's comments:
Lizzie is still recovering from the premature birth of twins.  

On this day, Rufus Dawes, who had received a negative response to his request to begin a correspondence with Mary Gates, wrote again to her, acknowledging he had received her letter in which she had politely declined to begin a correspondence.

He wrote:
Tomorrow under our present orders we are to commence our active campaign and I may not soon have another opportunity, so I have at last, at imminent peril of placing myself in a character most galling to my pride, concluded to tell you plainly why I asked you to correspond with me.  It was because I love you . . . . 

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