Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tuesday, September 22, 1863

Kate & Annie went up to town.  We have been hoping to have a visit from both the boys this fall, but Ephe is in command of the 53d and cannot come and Rufus has applied in vain for a furlough.  So we are disappointed.  I fear there is more hard fighting before them.  May God keep them as he has done hitherto.

Peggy's notes:
Rufus wrote to his fianc√©, Mary Beman Gates, on September 3:
My application for leave of absence was disapproved by our brand-new Brigadier General Rice, at division headquarters, which made me pretty mad, and I went up to see him.  The result of our interview was, that he said if I would make another application, he would approve it, and so I started another paper grinding through the mill.   
A disappointed Rufus wrote again to Mary on September 12:
General Meade refused to grant my leave of absence.  Colonel Bragg endorsees it:  'Lieutenant Colonel Dawes has neither asked nor received indulgences to relieve him from duty.  I earnestly recommend the granting of the application.'  General Rice, the division commander, endorsed:  'This appears to be such a case, that if the exigencies of the service will permit, I earnestly recommend that the application be granted.'  The corp commander, General John Newton, approved the application, but General Meade refused to grant the leave of absence, and returned the paper endorsed:  'The Commanding General declines to grant leaves of absence at the present time, for private considerations.' 


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