Monday, October 7, 2013

Wednesday, October 7, 1863

Rainey day.  I went back to Mrs. Dawes’ this morning.  Great Copperhead demonstration.  A procession of some 50 horsemen & 100 wagons preceded by a band of music and carrying banners paraded the streets in a drizzling rain under faded cotton umbrellas, the women clad in old shakers & beautiful shawls.  A dismal looking set.  One fellow stood up in a wagon and screeched out a Vallindingham song.  The only persons I knew were old Mr. Stokes, Mrs. Sheets and W. P. Cole & daughter.

Peggy's note:
Vallindingham was a Democrat who was running for Governor of Ohio.  He was one of the "Copperheads," a noisy group of northern Democrats who wanted an immediate end to the Civil War and were advocating that the Confederacy be recognized as a separate nation. 

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