Saturday, November 23, 2013

Monday, November 23, 1863

William goes to Cincinnati.  Lucy, Mary Gates, & Rufus went back to Marietta this morning.
Mr. Burgess came down & proposed that we get a box of canned fruit ready for Rufus to take back with him.  Mrs. Burgess sent down four cans & Lizzie put in an equal number.  John put the box on train as Rufus passed down.  Mrs. Dawes came this far with him.

Peggy's comments:

Rufus Dawes later wrote about his visit to Marietta:
This short visit is remembered as an oasis in the desert of my military life.  The weather was delightful, and that dreamy haze, called Indian summer, was upon the hills and valleys of Southern Ohio.  For four days, a young couple, oblivious to all others, wandered over the hills or drove on the beautiful roads.  Owing to the exigencies of the military service, this four days was all the opportunity we had for meeting until our wedding.

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