Monday, December 16, 2013

Wednesday, December 16, 1863

Dr. Regnier came on morning train.
Rev. Mr. Coon missionary to the Nestorians of Persia has been spending the day with Mrs. Dawes who invited quite a party to meet him.  He is well acquainted with Mr. & Mrs. Shedd of whom he speaks very handsomely.  He came down on the evening train with Lucy & will spend the night.

Peggy's comments:
The Cutlers were obviously quite concerned about William's daughter, Annie, with daily visits from the doctor.

Rev. John Haskell Shedd and his wife Jane Dawes Shedd (daughter of Sarah Cutler Dawes and sister of Rufus, Ephraim, Kate, and Lucy) had been missionaries in Persia since their marriage in 1859.

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