Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wednesday, April 6” 1864

I worked in the garden in the forenoon & ironed some in the afternoon.  The sun shone pleasantly & Mrs. Cutler rode up to see Lizzie Poage who is better.
Mr. & Mrs. Dickey were here today to get young catalpa trees.  I gave them roses, flowering almonds, shrubs, etc.  As John was riding “Betty” up the road today, a man stopped him and proposed to impress Betty for Government use in West Virginia.  John told him he was going for the doctor for his wife, and could not wait to talk with him.  The man asked where he lived.  He said “down in Belpre” & rode on as fast as he could without waiting to give his name as requested.  He heard afterward that Bill Scott’s team had been taken, also a span from Col. T. W. Moore.

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