Monday, June 16, 2014

Missing Pages

Peggy's note:
Julia Cutler's journals were kept by the family for many years.  They were eventually donated to Marietta College in Ohio where they are housed in the Special Collections Library.  For the most part, the journals are intact and in good condition.   At some point, however, the pages with the entries beginning June 16, 1864 through July 13, 1864 were carefully cut from the original binding and removed.  It is believed that the pages were removed by a family member prior to the donation to Marietta College.  While it is disappointing to be missing nearly a month of entires, and while I can only speculate as to who cut them out and why,  the fact is that they are missing.

As there are no actual journal entries to post for the next four weeks, I will endeavor to post additional contemporary family letters and more information about Ephraim Dawes's recovery.  Julia's entries will resume on July 13.

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