Friday, July 4, 2014

Letter from Rufus Dawes to Mary Dawes, July 4, 1864

Before Petersburg
July 4th, 1864

General Cutler is anxious to make up a Colonel’s command of eight hundred and forty men for me, and have me muster in for three years, on my commission as Colonel, which will be issued by the Governor.

Our chaplain was sick and some where in the rear of the army he found a cow.  Now that he has gone to the general hospital, the cow has reverted to me.  I draw rations for the cow as a mule.  Dr. Hall and I have plenty of fresh milk and we unite in gratitude to the Chaplain.

We are to go up to-night for two days’ duty in the trenches.

The boys who go out of the service on the fifteenth of this month are becoming anxious.  The Pennsylvania Reserves were in battle the day after their tie had expired.  Twelve days is a short time, but much history can be made here within that period.

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