Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sabbath Jan 1” 1865

Did not feel very able to go to sabbath school & meeting, having a bad cold, but never the less, I went.  Mr. Walton declined preaching, but assisted Mr. Curtis by prayer &c -- I think he is a truly devout and good man--  Mr. Curtis came here to supper & spent the night  -- We went to meeting in the sled on the snow.
Last year was to our family a most eventful one, and it seems to me one of the saddest of my life, and yet I ought not to feel so, for God’s chastisements have been tempered with his mercy too.  January 11”, most unexpectedly to us our sweet little Annie died of diphtheria -- Jan. 18”, Lt. Col. R. R. Dawes was married to Miss Mary B. Gates by Rev Thomas Wicker  --  Feb. 16” Kate L. Dawes was married to Rev. S. A. McLean by Rev C. D. Curtis -- This made a great change and was a great loss to our family --  May 5” my niece Louisa Cutler Fulton died.  May 28” Major Ephraim C. Dawes was severely, at first supposed to be mortally wounded, at Dallas Ga.  April 18” little Eddie Walton died.  In August Col. R. R. Dawes was honorably discharged from the service.  In October Major E. C. Dawes was honorably discharged in consequence of his wounds--Such have been the principal events which have occurred in our family during the last year.  To our Country though involved in civil War it has been a year of progress.  Maryland & Missouri are free states by their own act.  Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Farrigut, Thomas by the blessing of God, have won great victories.

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