Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Friday Dec. 27

Lucy has painted a very pretty card rack.  William says there will be no war with England.  He hopes that Rufus may be at home on a furlough.  His Colonel has given him leave for fifteen days.  If consent of Headquarters can be obtained he will be at home in a day or two.  He told William that if a battle was expected soon he could not get a furlough nor did he wish to be absent in that case.  Ephe came on the evening train.  William sent him word to come.

Peggy's comments:
Family visits were definitely impacted by the Civil War.  Rufus and Ephraim Dawes, Julia's nephews, were serving in separate regiments.  Rufus was with the 6th Wisconsin which was part of the Army of the Potomac.  He had been camped for some months near Washington, DC, and was about to receive 10 days leave. Ephraim was with the 53rd Ohio and was with his unit in Ohio.

Julia's brother William Cutler was home from Washington, as Congress was in recess.

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