Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wednesday Dec. 25 Christmas Day 1861

Sarah and myself were invited to dine at W. D. Bailey's, where we met Mrs. Emerson and Miss Sarah Emerson.  Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hollister, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Bailey, Mrs. Maria B. Shipman and Miss Betsey Bailey,--a very fine dinner and a pleasant time.  In the evening at home we had a Christmas tree, the first I ever saw.  Lucy arranged the Christmas gifts upon a cedar tree firmly secured in a piece of plank and placed upon a table in the center of the parlor.  The plank was covered with green moss and the tree lighted with wax tapers.  Those presents which were too large for the branches were arranged under the tree on the table.
Maggie and Lizzie, Mrs. Emerson, Miss Emerson, Mrs. W. D. Bailey and the little Baileys were here.  When all was ready the door was opened and the surprise complete.  Our own children did not know till they saw what the evening's entertainment was to be, and were perfectly jubilant over it.  We had apples and popped corn and music and a merry Christmas.  All said it was the best they ever had, only "too short" the children affirmed.

Peggy's comments;
Julia describes the Christmas merriment so well!  And with such pleasure to write of their first Christmas tree.  Merry Christmas!

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