Thursday, November 15, 2012

Saturday, Nov. 15, 1862

The Marietta Register of yesterday says:  "Adjutant E. C. Dawes of the Ohio 53rd called on us this morning (Thursday) looking in splendid trim.  His regiment is at Memphis and now numbers only about 600 men.  He stays in the city only one day and immediately goes to Columbus on business connected with his regiment.  Ephe is a No. 1 officer."
William, Lizzie, Kate and the children took dinner at Mr. Burgess' with the Goffs, McClures, &c.  Nancy went home to spend the Sabbath and see her brother James now at home on furlough.  He belongs to the 87th reg. O.V.I. now at Mansfield recruiting.  The papers are prophesying a great battle soon between Burnside and the rebel Lee.
Lucy came down on the evening train to spend the Sabbath.

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