Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tuesday Nov. 4, 1862

William at Parkersburg.  They have begun to drive the piles for the foundation of the bridge.  Mr. W. W. Graves, the engineer told him that they found the bottom of the river a hard conglomerate composed apparently of the ordinary river pebbles cemented together by some substance which in a fluid state had percolated between the stones and then hardened.  This strata is from four to five feet thick.  Underlying this is a strata much thicker (which extends down to the rock of sandstone) soft and yielding, which the piles penetrate easily when once through the conglomerate.  This probably is a bed of sand lying between the sandstone and conglomerate.  
Kate, Annie and I spent the afternoon at Mrs. Blackinton's.  Drove home by moonlight.

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