Monday, December 24, 2012

Wednesday, Dec. 24, 1862

I wrote to Jane.  We have not heard from her since her letter written in July when she was in feeble health.  We are anxious about her, and also about Ephraim whose last letter was written at Holly when he was expecting to go from that place on foot to join his regiment, some 30 or 40 miles distant.  Since that time Holly Springs has fallen into the hands of the rebels.  Van Dorn with 5 or 6000 men has possession of the Railroad and thus cuts Gen. Grant off from his supplies.  There is no end to disasters in this war!
Lizzie Poage here to stay all night.  Put up new curtains in the parlor.

Peggy's comments:
Jane is Julia's niece, Jane Dawes Shedd, who has been some years in Persia serving as a missionary with her husband.  Ephraim, Jane's brother, is Ephraim Dawes who is serving with the 53rd Ohio Volunteers.
Lizzie Poage lived with Mrs. Burgess (Lizzie Cutler's mother) and is Lizzie Cutler's niece.

Holly Springs is in Mississippi and on Dec. 20, Confederate General Van Dorn attacked and raided the Union supply depot there causing Grant to withdraw his troops from Mississippi.

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