Monday, December 31, 2012

Wednesday, Dec. 31, 1862

Kate and I went up to the church, as soon as we had taken breakfast, with our buggy filled with evergreens and whatever we needed to fasten up the decorations, George going along to help us.  Found no one there but two boys making a fire.  Soon, however, Mrs. W. D. Bailey, Mrs. Geo. W. Bailey, Mrs. Hart, Emeline McClure and Mrs. W. D. McClure, Miss Louise Carpenter and Miss Mary Ainsworth came.  G. W. Bailey and George Cutter helped nearly all day.  A. S. Bailey and Maggie Voris came a while in the afternoon.  We made arched cornices over the windows and doors with cedar, also a beautiful arch over the pulpit against the wall, on which was fastened the figures 1863.  Wreaths of cedar were hung between the windows and at intervals on the wall around the house.  A large and handsome engraved portrait of Washington was hung above the choir surrounded with an evergreen wreath.  The lamps were tastefully trimmed with cedar and myrtle.  The hemlock tied to ropes formed graceful festoons upon the two iron rods which cross the house.  Trees of pine were placed in the corners of the room.  The effect of the whole was beautiful -- much better than we had dared to hope.  We then swept the house and the men having shook the carpet it was nailed down and we departed well satisfied with the labors of the day.  We got home about four o'clock and having decided upon placing the words Glory to God in the Highest on the wall over against the pulpit above the portrait of Washington, I went to work to cut out the letters and Kate and Lizzie to making them of arbor vitae.  It was a tedious process and was not completed until near midnight.
William came home from Chillicothe tonight.  The Board passed a resolution to pay interest on the Union R. R. bonds.

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