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Saturday, February 28 1863

Lizzie Poage & John Means came down & took Annie & Sarah up to Mr. Burgess’s to spend the day.  At two o’clock they went with Maggie to the Meeting house where she leads the sabbath school children to sing -- Kate went & brought the children home.

Peggy's comments:
The reuse of first names is sometimes confusing; here's an attempt to clarify relationships.  

Mrs. Burgess was born Elizabeth Means.  She married first William Voris and had 5 daughters.  William Voris died and Elizabeth later married Dyer Burgess.

Two of William and Elizabeth's daughters died in infancy.

One of Elizabeth's daughters is Lizzie Voris Cutler,  married to William Cutler.

Another of Elizabeth's daughters was Anne Voris Poage, who married James Poage.  Ann and James had a daughter, also called Lizzie.  Anne died shortly after giving birth and Anne's mother, Mrs. Burgess, raised the baby.

The youngest of Elizabeth's daughters was Maggie Voris who at the time of this journal, is also living with her mother, Elizabeth Burgess, and step-father, Dyer Burgess.

Annie and Sarah are Lizzie and William Cutler's daughters.

Kate Dawes is William and Lizzie Cutler's niece (daughter of William's sister Sarah) and lived in the old stone house with the Cutlers.

Their ages at the time of this journal are:
William Cutler:  50
Lizzie Cutler:  30
Annie Cutler:  9
Sarah Cutler:  7

Julia Cutler:  49

Dyer Burgess:  79
Elizabeth Means Voris Burgess:  64
Maggie Voris:  27
Lizzie Poage:  14

Kate Dawes:32

William Cutler and his family lived in the Old Stone House in which he was born.   His sister Julia Cutler also lived there.  Their niece Kate Dawes lived with them.

The Burgess family lived nearby.

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