Monday, February 18, 2013

Wednesday, February 18, 1863

Kate, Lizzie, myself and the little girls went to Mr. Dickey’s where we met Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Beman Gates, Mrs. Sala Bosworth, Mrs. Lindley, Mrs. B. C. Bailey & Mrs. And Mr. Goff  & Maggie.  Spent the day pleasantly.  Kate took Annie & Sarah home in the buggy but the road is so muddy Lizzie & I came on the cars where we met Mrs. Col. Clark & A. H. Browning.

Peggy's notes:
Mrs. Beman Gates (Betsey Shipman Gates) was the sister of Mrs. Sala Bosworth (Joanna Frances Shipman).  Their daughters would later marry brothers in the Dawes family.  

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