Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tuesday Dec. 20. 1864

Mrs Cutler went to Marietta & will stay until tomorrow.
William placed in my hands to-day three certificates of 100 shares each, of stock in the New York Gold Mining Company, Colorado.  One for Mrs. S. C. Dawes, one for Mrs. C. W. C. Walton, & one for myself on certain conditions -- It is kind of him to do this and if God please, may be a blessing to us.        He went to town, & will stay all night with Mrs. Cutler at Mrs. Dawes.
Yesterday’s paper has very interesting War News.  Gen. Thomas has defeated the rebel Hood in two hard fought battles near Nashville Tenn.  The engagements took place Thursday & Friday Dec. 15” & 16” -- last week--  The rebel loss in prisoners, killed, wounded, & by desertion is estimated at 20,000, our own loss 3,000 of whom very few were killed, the worst of them being slightly wounded.  Hood is retreating pursued by Union forces.
Sherman has performed his undertaking of marching his army from Atlanta to Savannah subsisting upon the Country and has invested the latter city -- Dahlgren of the Navy co-operating with him ----

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