Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tuesday Dec. 27. 1864

This is the 80” birth day of Rev. Dyer Burgess, and is celebrated by a turkey dinner.  Mrs. Cutler, & little Sarah went up early and Mrs. S. C. Dawes, Col. Dawes & lady, Miss Mary C. Nye, Bettie Gates, Lizzie Andrews & Mary Smith came down on the Accommodation train.  I did not go  -- am still feeling far from well --
Sherman has possession of Savannah without a battle and has captured a large amount of cotton it is said several million dollars worth also guns & ammunition.  Hardee withdrew in the night with his men.  Sherman telegraphs the President that he gives the Nation Savannah as a Christmas present--

Miss Nancy C. Nye came home in the carriage with Mrs. Cutler & little Sarah from Mr. Burgess’ to make us a visit.

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