Monday, May 25, 2015

Thursday May 25. 1865

According to previous arrangement Mrs. Dawes and I went to Amestown to-day.  We came by railroad to New England Station, brother William was with us going farther west, and Col. R. R. Dawes came with us to make arrangements for sheep-washing & shearing of the flock upon the Old Farm in which he has an interest.  We saw a number of derricks, tanks, and other indications of activity in the oil business, along the line of railroad and also on the road to Amesville.  They are now boring for oil near father’s old saw mill, but I believe they have found none.  There has been a great deal of oil obtained a few miles from here on Sharps Fork on the “Joy farm” and in some other localities —
Mr. Dean came in his large wagon for us to the Station & not only took Mrs. Dawes, the Col. & myself, but also a machine for rolling up wool, in his roomy vehicle.  The rain began to fall when we were about half way from the Station to Mr. Dean’s house and by the time we reached the latter place we were very wet not withstanding our umbrellas — Sister Dean & Annie gave us a cordial welcome, and a nice warm dinner — Finding that Mr. Wilcox had washed the sheep, after making arrangements about Sheep Shearing, Col. Dawes concluded as the rain had slacked and his business was accomplished he would return to the Station and take the evening train home — which he accordingly did —

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