Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wednesday May 3d 1865

A pleasant day.  Mrs. Cutler went to town and got from Cadwallader’s the pictures for Annie E. Cutler’s Memorial.  She brought me a pretty black, striped with white gingham dress & a net.  My little scholar’s Sarah Cutler & Lucy Bailey began Botany today.  Sarah Emerson called to see the tulips her brother Capt. Geo. D. Emerson is with her.  —  —  Mrs. Terril is here  washing bedding —
There is quite a stir in the neighborhood about a piece of villainy perpetrated lately upon Joline Hopkins.  His credulity was imposed upon by a well-dressed man and woman who pretended to be able to point the place where treasure had been concealed by the Indians —  They wrought upon the superstition of the family until they fleeced them of about $3500 mostly borrowed for the occasion from Bill Scott — This money was put into a chest which was locked and the key given to Hopkins who was forbbidden to open it for a certain number of days on pain of breaking the spell which was to double their money &c.  These impostors made off with themselves two or three days before the time appointed for opening the chest.  On examination the greenbacks were missing and their place filled with old spelling book leaves & blank paper.  Mr Hopkins now saw they had been swindled and started in pursuit, being obliged to borrow money for the purpose — Bill Scott went over at once & took a mortgage on Hopkin’s farm to indemnify himself — unless the Swindlers are caught and made to disgorge the loss to Mr. Hopkins will prove a serious one, and may result in obliging him to sell his farm.

Maggie Voris here to tea.

This is the photograph used in Annie's Memorial.
Little Sarah Cutler with her sister, Annie Cutler.
Annie died January 11, 1864

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