Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday, Feb. 17

Mrs. Burgess here to spend the day.  Maggie here to dinner.  Ephraim writes that his regiment have orders to move to Portsmouth from Camp Diamond, where they expect to remain about two weeks.  He does not know where the next move will be.  He expresses entire confidence in Col. Appler and is proud of his regiment and of their proficiency in drill and discipline.  Ephraim is very dear to us and now that he is about to go into active service, we cannot but feel much solicitude for his safety.  "May the Lord be his keeper and preserve his soul.  The Lord preserve his going out and coming in from this tine forth."

Kate had a letter from her father today -- proposing to taker her and Lucy to   [unreadable] to keep house for him -- [unreadable] now in Ohio  --  He [unreadable] mention of his house is to [unreadable].  He is [unreadable} and I pity him now.  It does seem as though Sarah has been greatly affected.  May God grant them grace & strength according to their day.
Cannon fired at Parkersburg.  It is reported that we have taken Fort Donalson.  A letter to Kate and also one to me from William.

Peggy's comments:
This is another entry where the original as been crossed out and erased and Mary Dawes Beach chose not to include that segment.  The family was still sensitive to the fact that Sarah Cutler Dawes and Henry Dawes had legally separated about twenty years before.  Henry Dawes was living in Wisconsin and hoped that Kate and Lucy would come keep house for him.

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