Monday, February 6, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 6

James Bailey came down just after dinner and told us that Mr. John Scott was to be buried in our grave yard this afternoon at two o'clock.  Kate, Nancy, little Annie and I went in the buggy and waited at Mr. Dickey's till the train bearing the funeral arrived.  The corpse of Sergeant Scott was attended by fifty soldiers in uniform, five or six captains and lieutenants.  The drummers and fifers played a dead march as they followed the bier which was attended by the soldiers as bearers, and followed first by the chaplain of the 77th regiment, Rev. W. Pearce and Mr. Wakefield of whose church the deceased was a member.  Next came a file of soldiers with arms reversed, then the mourners and a large number of persons from Harmar and Warren.  At the grave the dirge continued while the coffin was lowered.  When Mr. Wakefield had made a few remarks, then a file of soldiers were drawn up on each side of the grave over which three volleys were fired, after which the procession re-formed and returned to the cars.  This is the first military funeral I ever saw.  The soldiers who attended were from Capt. Titus' company of the 63".
Lucy came down on the evening train.  Kate went with Mrs. Dickey and called on Mrs. Cobb.

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