Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Painted on Bengal rose.  Nancy went to Tunnel station to do some shopping.  Sun came out pleasantly toward evening.  Snow has not melted much today.  
This evening Kate received a letter from Ephraim.  He says he has been very busy making payrolls for the regiment, which he says is a great labor.  He has been to Columbus on regimental business lately.  Doctor L. Fulton goes to the 53" as Captain.  Dr. J. W. Fulton has been Quartermaster from the first.  These two brothers married daughters of brother Charles.  Geo. E. Cutler, Charles' only son is a 1st Lieutenant in the same regiment and Ephraim C. Dawes is Adjutant.
This egiment is still at Camp Diamond in Jackson Co.  We shall feel an especial interest in the fortunes of the 53rd.  I hope that they may not be sent to Kansas but God knows what is best.
Mr. John Scott, Jr. of Harmar, son of John Scott of Warren died today of brain fever at Camp Dennison.  He leaves a large family unprovided for.  One son, William is a Lieutenant in the 77th.  Col Hilderbrand's regiment.  Mr. Scott was an orderly sergeant in the same regiment.
We received a package of flower seeds from Washington this evening.  I also had a letter from Annie Dean.

Peggy's comments:
The Tunnel station was a station on the Rail Road around which there were some shops.  Nancy worked for the Cutlers.

This entry is full of news about the extended family:

Kate Dawes, Julia's niece who lived with the Cutlers, frequently wrote to her brothers Rufus and Ephraim Dawes, who were with the Sixth Wisconsin and the Fifty-Third Ohio respectively.

Brother Charles was Charles Cutler who was Julia's half-brother.  I'm not sure which of Charles' daughters married the Fulton brothers.

The flower seeds were probably sent to Julia from William Cutler who was in Congress.

Annie Dean was the daughter of Gulliver Dean and Mary Polly Cutler (Mary was a half-sister of Julia's).

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