Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saturday, Sept. 20, 1862

Sarah came down on the evening train, going back on the returning train.  She says that Quarter Master Barber telegraphed this morning the death of Lt. Col. Clark of the 36" O. V. I.  Mr. Stephen Newton came to her house and told her he had "bad news".  She replied "Rufus is dead", No, said he, "but Col Clark is and I want you to go and see his wife".  Mrs. Clark first heard the boys in the street telling each other but thought it an idle rumor. The reality to her is terrible.  She goes from one fainting fit into another.  How terrible is war.  The people of Marietta almost universally have friends in the army and feel that this is but the first installment of evil tidings.
There is no doubt that the rebels were greatly disappointed and chagrined by the reception they met with from Marylanders.  The Richmond Whig of Sept. 13 has an article on the "Redemption of My Maryland", from which it appears that the rebels expected that as soon as their army appeared north of the Potomac, Maryland would rush to arms and join their standard.  They have been deceived as to the state of feeling there.  Major Andrews writes that the demonstrations of joy and loyalty on the approach of our army to Frederick were very affecting and that it did our men good to be able to go to the relief of such a people.  The loyalty of the people of Maryland at this juncture has done more for our cause than a victory won on the field of battle.
The same Richmond paper has a report of a discussion in the rebel Congress on "advancing our banners into the enemy's country', and voted to invade the North 62 against 29.  Messrs. Ayer and Miles of South Carolina both urged the policy.  One said the only way for them was "to dare, to dare again and still to dare", and "dare at once".  Miles said "give Jackson one half our present army, and although there were six hundred thousand men in the field, he would drive them all before him".  He says "let our swords gleam and our banners float over their soil, make them bleed and strike the dagger to their hearts".  He wishes "with strong arms to pluck fortune from the enemy's soil",  "to let them bleed and let them feel the horrors of war".  God has thus far wonderfully preserved the free States from the feet of the foe, but they now have formally announced their policy to be invasion, the but Lord is our keeper, "Man proposes but God disposes".  It seems that the rebels have re-crossed the Potomac and are again in Virginia.  They have possession of Harpers Ferry still.
Our neighborhood has organized into a military company.  A. S. Bailey is Captain, Jacob Repper, 1st Lieut;, and George Cutter 2nd Lieut.

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