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Tuesday, Sept. 9, 1862

Looking over the Pomeroy Telegraph I see a letter describing the march of Gen. Sherman's division from Moscow to Memphis.  Speaking of the 53rd O.V.I. the writer says -- "First comes a good natured looking chestnut steed whose main object seems to be not to move too fast.  Mounted on the aforesaid steed is a pleasant looking officer, with a short pipe in his mouth.  This Adjutant Daws, as brave a man as there is in our army.  He is not so much for saving the Union as he is for killing the rebels."  Of the 53rd he says "They, last winter, left Ohio, Volunteers, expecting to bring the war to a close by eating their rations and having dress parade.  They march out of Moscow, soldiers in every sense of the word, understanding their duty and willing to perform it."
George went to Watertown and got peaches for us and for Mrs. Burgess.  We are all invited to a melon party at Joel Demings this evening.  Too tired to go.  Kate and Annie went to town today.  She brought home a letter her mother has just received from Adjutant Brooks of the 6th Wis. Regiment who is in hospital at Washington having been wounded in the late battle.  He writes that Rufus passed through the battles entirely unhurt, and with honor.  Col. Cutler was wounded in the thigh severely.  Kate also brought an interesting letter from Major Andrews telling the adventures of the 36th since they left Parkersburg.  They were drawn up in line of battle but took no part in the late engagements.  
William telegraphs that he stays over at Athens until tomorrow.
Major Andrews writes  to his wife, "Tell Mrs. Dawes I have seen Rufus four or five times.  He is a brave and gallant officer.  His regiment did splendid fighting.  She may well be proud of him.  I am proud of him myself."

Peggy's comments:
The whole family was concerned for Ephraim Dawes and Rufus Dawes, nephews of Julia.  Ephraim was adjutant for the 53rd Ohio and Rufus was a captain with the 6th Wisconsin.
Rufus R. Dawes

Ephraim Cutler Dawes

Rufus' and Ephraim's mother, Sarah Cutler Dawes

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