Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thursday, Sept. 4

Circle at Mr. M'Taggarts, full attendance; we pieced a quilt and sewed on other articles for the sufferers in Minnesota.  News from the Army at Virginia discouraging.  Our forces have fallen back to Centerville.  Last Friday, Pope was victorious, Saturday was defeated, very severe fighting.  M'Dowell is blamed for retreating too soon, M'Clellan for not forwarding Franklin's division when ordered to do so.  Somehow our brave army have been beaten back and our generals out-generaled.  I cannot believe that God means to destroy us.  I want to keep my faith fixed on the only Helper but sometimes the clouds and darkness are so dense.  I lose sight of Him and am almost ready to despair.
Kate took Mrs. G. W. Bailey out with her children for a ride.  A late 'Pomeroy Telegraph' says of William's nomination many handsome things, endorsing his honesty, "soundness of head and purity of heart."  It says "Again we thank the Convention for giving us a candidate in whom we can trust under every temptation."

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