Saturday, May 11, 2013

Monday, May 11, 1863

Nancy came back this morning.  
As our anxiety on Rufus’ account is relieved for the present Kate concluded to go to Cincinnati tomorrow where she will meet Clara.
Mr. & Mrs. A. S. Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Bailey, Thomas & Betsey & Lizzie Bailey called.  Kate will have quite an amount of shopping to do for ourselves & others.  She has more than a dozen bonnets to get.

Peggy’s comments:
 Rufus Dawes had received anguished letters from his sisters Lucy and Kate on May 10.  They had written to him after being told by Mary that she had received a packet from Rufus which was to be sent only if Rufus had been killed.  Lucy and Kate wrote desperate letters, fearing that Rufus had been killed or wounded.  In his letter to Mary Gates on May 10, Rufus tells her of his surprise and shock at receiving letters from his sisters and tells her that he thought that Dr. Preston had lost the envelope.  Rufus apologizes for any distress the mistakenly delivered packet of letters caused his family and may have caused Mary.

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