Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tuesday, May 12, 1863

Kate & Maggie started this morning for the city, each taking a trunk.  Kate had 340 dollars, Maggie 140, nearly five hundred dollars between them to spend.  Mrs. G. W. Bailey & Maggie Stapleton called, also Betsey Bailey.  Today’s Gazzette says Hooker is again South of the Rappahannock, the 1st Army Corp to which Rufus belongs in the advance.

Peggy’s comments:
U. S.  General Hooker had been defeated by Lee at Chancellorsville.  Rufus Dawes wrote to Mary Gates:
 The reason General Hooker recrossed the river was because he was outgeneraled and defeated, -- a humiliating confession, I own, but I believe true 
 Accounts of the battle of Chancellorsville are here and  here.  

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