Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday, July 24, 1863

Morgan crossed the Muskingum at Eagleport where there was a fight--50 rebels said to have been killed & some say Morgan among the slain.  Another fight reported at Rockville.  Col. Lynch was ordered up the Muskingum & may have been in the fight.  To night Morgan was reported near Beverly ford, if so a ride of three or four hours would bring to this or Blennerhassett ford.  Capt. Reed, Mr. Penn & Surgeon Bean here to spend the evening.  All agree that to-night every precaution should be taken to avoid a surprise.  Went to bed expecting to hear signal guns before morning.

Peggy's comments:
Here's a link to a helpful map.

And here's a link to a wonderful article published on the Marietta Special Collections Library's blog on Julia Cutler's Experience During Morgan's Raid.  The article is written by Linda Showalter based on her extensive research and knowledge of the Cutler family.

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