Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tuesday, July 14, 1863

William went to Chillicothe & returned to-day.  Rebels under Morgan have torn up the Little Miami Railroad & burnt a train this morning.  William has charge of Marietta road this side of Chillicothe.  The employees are armed to watch bridges.  He goes to Marietta to attend to his business to-night.  Kate & Lizzie went to & returned from town today.  No train from Cincinnati came and no paper.  Letter from Ephe--pursuing Johnson.

Peggy's comments:
Morgan's Raiders were again riding along the border separating the states that remained in the Union and those that had seceded.  In July, Confederate  Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan lead 1,400 calvary on a 13 day raid in southern and eastern Ohio.  More information here from Ohio History Central and here from the Civil War Gazette blog.

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