Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monday, July 20, 1863

The soldiers here on duty are from Morgan, Noble, Meigs, Athens, & Washington & Monroe.  We slept very little last night--soldiers coming in till after midnight for food.  Col. Lynch & his Staff. Mr. Turney, said to be the richest man in Pickaway Co., and Mr. Drum all pleasant gentlemen make their headquarters here--Chillicothe regiment under Col. Brown marched down to Crooked Creek about midnight--also Artillery.  Since five o’clock yesterday rifle pits have been constructed all the way from river road to the point of the hill.  Working all night, 400 men relieved every six hours--a great many Morgan’s &  Noble’s Co. men.  James R. Morris, Congressman, worked in the trenches today.  Morgan said to have camped in Tupper’s Plains last night.  Gunboats prevented them from fording at Buffington killing 150 & capturing 300.  Lynch reports to Runkle that he can hold this position after 6 P. M. against 20,000 men.  Dispatch from Wim. saying Morgan was 6 miles from Chester 10 A. M.  ---Rainy. Shark has been arrested.

Peggy’s notes:
In the journal that Julia used for 1863, the space for each day’s entry was small.  For the next few days, she had a great to report and the journal is difficult to read.  For an additional account of Morgan’s Raid into Ohio, see this article reprinted from the Marietta Register, May 5, 1898.

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